all meat diet but you only use meat exclusively, no water, no oil, no seasonings, etc. all meals are only meat, roasted over open fire or fried in lard. you do not drink anything, the fat from the meat contains all the hydration you need.

how long would you survive?


@Pawslut it's probably one of the grossest diets I can think of off the top of my head

@galena scurvy diet

@Pawslut I think the dehydration would hit long before the scurvy

>If even a tiny amount of anything else finds its way into her mouth, she will be ill, she says. This happened when she tried to eat an organic olive, and again recently when she was at a restaurant that put pepper on her steak.

>“I was like, whatever, it’s just pepper,” she told me. Then she had a reaction that lasted three weeks and included joint pain, acne, and anxiety.