what do you use more often? (on your devices)

@mewmew needs third option
"Whatever the default is"

@mewmew 12 hour time since I live in a country where 99% of people around me use it

Work uses 24 hour time so I changed all my personal stuff to follow suit.

@mewmew only 24h

@normandy @mewmew which countrys use the 12 h system except Us, Au and GB?

@mewmew 24 on my digital ones, 12 on my analogue ones because it cant be changed

@mewmew blobcatshrug 24h makes more sense to me

@absturztaube @mewmew 24h clock for anything digital. Still I would tell someone to meet me at 5pm instead of 17 tho...

@mewmew sadly my watch is 12h cirno_saddest

@mewmew 24h on phones/computers/watches but out loud I use 12h

@mewmew Always 24 hours. It makes far more sense.

@mewmew Converting between the two is a core so I use 24 hour. This also had the added benefit of being able to select the hour in one motion on Android and not forgetting to switch PM to AM or vice versa.

Laptop is default 24 hour.
Phone (old Nokia C2-01) is 12 hour.
I voted for 24 hour.