@mntmn haha yeah... but then you want to read the makefile and it's not as funny as this message is.

@ekaitz_zarraga @mntmn
thing is, it is *fun* to create unreadable, overengineered mess in a makefile. Each step is satisfying, as the basic principles required to do it stay the same, and those principles are very powerful.

it does work

@mntmn That's a lot of salt.

@mntmn @sir I never thought of make as prolog for the filesystem

@mntmn Whoever says that make(1) is like prolog is a liar or a fool

@hecate @mntmn GNU make is definitely better than GNU Autotools, but it's still ... quite eccentric.

@mntmn lol indeed. I didnt know what "make" is but it reminded me of fullmetal alchemist somehow so I started watching brotherhood again think_bread thanks, I guess

@wolf480pl @mntmn it is funny to create, it's not as funny to edit later.

@ekaitz_zarraga @mntmn as opposed to autotools, which are just a pain from day -1

@mntmn yes, but makefiles tend to be very repetitive and could use some preprocessing; also the language of makefiles is not easy to understand either

@hecate @mntmn dependency-based smells functional, but not relational, indeed

@mntmn Software with configure scripts that are not autoshit bunhduwu


@mntmn So salty. 🤭