Europe is:


@Meeper africa


Africa > Europe

@orekix They fucking play in hardmode there

@Meeper Pretty nice, specially near the mountains.

@Meeper reminds me of this

@orekix @Meeper The golden years of The Onion.

@Moon @orekix when the onion was actually funny?

Babylon bee seems to be a little hilarious

@Meeper @Moon

babylon bee is better these days imo

@Meeper @orekix I realized some of my favorite stuff from the onion was from the late 1990s, so it's been a while.

ten years or so ago they were doing videos on youtube and some of those were hilarious.

when they came out with their buzzfeed-competitor clickhole, it was great but it's kind of fizzled.

@Moon @orekix yeah, it’s obviously satire and that jokes are pretty typical

@Moon @Meeper @orekix Their videos from a decade or so ago were great. Future news was the best of them IMO, but there are many good ones.

@Meeper Doomed.

@nerthos @Moon @Meeper @orekix Who remembers Fark? EbaumsWorld? Rotten? Ogrish?

@happymoomoo @nerthos @Meeper @orekix ebaumsworld is still around and still has some of its original users.

ogrish became liveleak.

@Moon I'm going to guess, however, that they became like 4chan and Something Awful: hotpocket-enforced pozzed where most the lusers truly believe themselves old-skool countercultural edgelords on steroids who fully support the establishment along with other "antiestablishment" class acts like antifa and blm. @Meeper @nerthos @orekix

@happymoomoo @Meeper @nerthos @orekix when I peeked at the ebaumsworld forums last, it looked to be populated by sub-juggalo culture-floe

@Moon @Meeper @nerthos @orekix Gen-x'r & millennial normalfaggots full of nostalgia mixing with hipster zoomers & gen-alphas who learned to use an iphone before they learned to walk and talk? Sounds about right. I don't know which is more sad...

@happymoomoo @Moon @nerthos @orekix Parents who expose 3 year olds to mobile phones: What the fuck, even old steve apple knew better

@Meeper @happymoomoo @Moon @orekix Literal child endangerement

@Meeper blobcatgooglyshrug I've shown my phone to babies who just chew on the corners. @Moon @nerthos @orekix

@happymoomoo @Moon @nerthos @orekix Those are the chosen ones, and here I’ve seen 2-3 year olds who can download shits games from the play store; Ingenuity is appreciable but parents you can give them something better, how try to make them learn language themselves and become the next progidy

@Meeper I've noticed said babies stare in fascination at the screen, but when I have my phone out it's almost always to take photos so all they see are whatever the camera part is pointing at. @Moon @nerthos @orekix

@happymoomoo @Moon @nerthos @orekix yeah screens are designed to do that, I mean look at the vibrant colours, you can albeit forcibly create an association of smartphones being boring (and god save you if you do)

Instead have them earn the computer experience; baby if you can learn to use vim; you deserve this unix system (no xorg you gotta figure that out yourslef bro)

@Meeper I wish! But I'm not the parent. And the parents have them hooked to the television (netflix) to keep them calm and distracted. jeldead @Moon @nerthos @orekix

@happymoomoo @Moon @nerthos @orekix Irresponsible, my dad got me a wii (much healthier than retarded television btw and also better than the other COD consoles) only because I was in an akward social position

@Meeper >irresponsible Maybe, but have YOU tried raising twins as a brand-new parent? @Moon @nerthos @orekix

@orekix @Meeper the counterpoint has no citations. All emotional appeals. No facts. therefore it must be patently false.