The sizable intersection of "kernel development enthusiast" and "{Windows,C++,SVN,closed source} enthusiast" is fucking bizzare to me

@sir It's a bit easier once you realize that a lot of them are into reverse engineering and that a decent fraction of them are deliberately countersignaling with their choices in tech

t. not a kernel developer but have done this to varying degrees

I feel like frankly a *majority* of OS hackers are basically skiddies

@allison @sir how can you look at a kernel that runs on modern hardware and be at all enthusiastic

@allison the annoying part is that when I want to know "what's the latest in hobbyist OS developments" I have to wade through a waist-high swamp of abject garbage

@mia @allison have you heard of our lord and savior 9front

@sir My favorite is the intersection between <uses GNU tools to build and compile programs on Windows> and <writes Windows-only code>. Like, its minimal effort to at least put Windows-only code behind an ifdef, but they don't.
Saw this on the pcem's only maintained and modernized fork available, 86box and I'm still unhappy with how Linux-hostile the devs seem to be. I'll have to keep using dosbox because I dislike pcem's wxwidgets use more than that.

@sir @allison i made this

@mia @allison this is the best thing I've seen in weeks