i am Angry at computers

@tuxcrafting who isnt

@tuxcrafting aren't we all

i hope i don't hurt the feelings of the teeny ARM cores allowing me to send this right now

a now i have this image of a cute little mobile chip in my mind

@absturztaube @tuxcrafting i'm not angry at computer

i'm angry at capitalism ablobcatneon

@arisu @tuxcrafting akko_fistup EAT THE RICH

@arisu Without Capitalism, there would be no computers. @absturztaube @tuxcrafting

@happymoomoo @absturztaube @tuxcrafting do you come from every parallel universes where there is no capitalism?

i don't think so blobcatderpy

@happymoomoo @arisu @absturztaube @tuxcrafting computers weren't a commercial development until the 70s and 80s, prior to that they existed solely as research tools. they don't exist because of capitalism in this timeline even..

@happymoomoo @arisu @absturztaube @tuxcrafting that's a funny way to spell "defense spending and academia", please, come again

@happymoomoo I'm 99.97% sure that computers would still exist in a society that didn't adhere to capitalist ideology. We will never know for sure.

@arisu @absturztaube @tuxcrafting

@happymoomoo @arisu @absturztaube @tuxcrafting you're supposed to let other people post reaction images to your post, not do it for us :^)

@tuxcrafting hi angry at computers I'm dad