GNU/blobcat And as long as I'm still remembering, here's the paste I did in response to the thread asking about learning the Unix philosophy earlier. Probably imperfect or tattered in places, but as something which saves me effortposting, a decent outcome I think. (ignore the warning Pastebin gives, I included a quote or two in there which is profane according to their filters)

Criticisms, feedback etc. are much appreciated

@allison edit: I didn't read the whole toot, sorry -- that's on me

@allison a blog would be better than pastebins

@orekix Agreed but I would have to figure out the hosting situation first

@allison neocities tbh

@allison @orekix da fuck?

@orekix Do I look like I can write HTML? Think again :^)

@djsumdog @orekix it trips up a filter they have because of one of the quotes having profanity in it

@allison @orekix static site generators are cool

@coyote @orekix that they are

@allison @orekix Good paste. My first distro was Slackware 3.6 and ~2001 I built an LFS and used it for two semesters. I had a FreeBSD box back then too (and my e-mail is on OpenBSD right now)

LFS was definitely the thing that help me learn the most about how every aspect of Linux (and generally other *nix systems) were put together and run.

@allison @orekix i barely write it