The youth of today are no longer upholding our long traditions of internet piracy, there needs to be classes in school about how to safely do internet piracy.

@NeikoCat especially making science open access
In all seriousness

@NeikoCat something along those lines, but I am really worried about the corporativitzation of youth entertainment, because at least in relationship to social media, it is dominated by veeery big coorp. That is why I started investigating this thing here in mastodon

@NeikoCat It's not just the youth, the boomer "security" people I work with don't understand it either, mostly by placing strange looking external links in email that go to "security" briefings. And yes, they're serious.

@NeikoCat yep! Streaming killed piracy 😣

@NeikoCat "no longer upholding our long traditions"
me: oh god is this another tradcon family value take?
"of internet piracy"
they had us in the first half, not gonna lie