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@Miaourt "so it goes."


@Miaourt what did?

@Miaourt D: ): *hug*

so long and thanks for all the fish


Good bye Niu, I'll miss you

And everyone, here's the gift ❤️

@Miaourt thank you for these great moments

cc @ilovecomputers for many ideas, and @rye & @ocean who served quite some inspiration for the first batch of content uwu

@Miaourt I absolutely adore it!!! blobcatHeartHug

I appreciate you being an awesome instance admin, Miaourt. Thanks for letting us tag along with you!

@Miaourt You put fantastic work into this. bunHeart

@Miaourt you know you didn’t have to do this. It’s your choice.

@Miaourt * pat pat *

@Miaourt rip in peace

Fixed some sync issues :3

Screenshot of niu's ending page

@Miaourt Omg you went above and beyond blobcatBigSob Thank you so much. This is so lovely! blobcatHeartHug

@Miaourt im not crying ur crying ;w;

Thanks for being such a great admin, Mia-chan! Great animation too, very impressive! :3

@Miaourt Top 10 Saddest Anime EDs

@Miaourt thamk u mia

@esheep @hoppet blobcatUwuCry 👌 me neither

@Miaourt finally got it to work (wasn't working in firefox) and now i'm not crying i'm not crying

@hoppet aaaa, I did it on firefox !!

I just launched a new dirty hack, maybe the sync issue might be fixed ?

@Miaourt yeah looks like it works fine in ff on my machine now

@Miaourt @hoppet

im never closing the tab it'll live forever on my browser now

You don't know how much I had to work with artifacted pokemon diamond credit screenshots and ended redoing most of the image for the backgrounds blobcatSmileSweat

@Miaourt what's the song btw it's kind of a jam

@Miaourt omg understanding this context makes it even better

@hoppet yeeeees

Was my first Pokemon so was kinda attached to it lol

@hoppet @Miaourt There's too many onions on my computer desk blobcatPuffyTears

@Miaourt it's synced to the music!

Great ending. Thank you. For instance. For joy it gave. For everything.

@Miaourt it's lovely! and more on the tech side, the decision to use the default music player widget for scroll / timing is so elegant.

@leip4Ier That might be the only elegant thing blobcatSmileSweat don't look at the script or html

@Miaourt Because "goobye" is cute.

@Miaourt I totally didn't notice that lol

@Miaourt glad i saved this image for jus such an occasion as this

thank you

@comfcat will try to do it tomorrow

bunSadPat I will miss it dearly... @Miaourt

@Miaourt goobye blobcatMelt

I'd leave it

@Miaourt so long ...


@Miaourt it doesn't render a credits scene in my browsers (firefox of chrome.) dunno if i made the credits anyway. comfyeek

@Miaourt It's literally the most Niu thing.

@Miaourt It doesn't load on my Chromium. syntax error.

bug report



This is not loading video, only audio. Tested on debian 10 running Firefox and Chromium. Also, Windows 10 running firefox and Edge.


It's a terrible day for rain.

I will attempt to bake bread tomorrow in memory of niu.

bug report

@automaticorange the trick is to let the audio load a little, and seek back to the beginning of it, sorry for inconvenience xwx

@Miaourt Indeed. Fixed!

@icedquinn let the audio seek a little and go back to the beginning, manually, should work

Ya in the credits I think

@Miaourt i'll try a different compy

bug report

@Miaourt Now it works, thanks senpai.

Okay I should have ironed many bugs at startup of the vid

Nini now uwu ilu everyone ❤️

@Miaourt Works okay in WebKitGTK btw

@Miaourt thanks again for hosting niu.
it was my first fedi instance blobcatreach

@Miaourt ohh and the animation is rly well made and waii~
i love it ablobcatheart

@Miaourt La dernière fois que j’ai vu un truc comme ça, c’était en avril 2018, pour la fin de Nolife… C’était pas très agréable. 😢

@Miaourt An excellent send off for what was the best community online.
I met so many great friends there, had lots of good times, and all that.

In the credits scroll I noticed @che5hire 's name and then noticed that mine was near hers!
I made it into the Niu credits uwu

@Miaourt I'm crying

@Miaourt Thank you for hosting such a great community and being an excellent daddy

I mean admin

@ocean @Miaourt nyan nyan

@Miaourt awww
cute niu moe ending movie...

@pasty @Miaourt Make me wamma cry.......


Plus sérieusement, merci <3

@Miaourt Goobye! bunsmile3

@Miaourt Thank you for everything~

@Miaourt puniko_cry2

there goes an awesome instance ran by an awesome admin with awesome ppl making a lot of awesome moments.
niu has always been a great inspiration to my instance. i'm proud to have been called a niu sister instance bun

i love you all

@absturztaube @Miaourt Niu has a special place in my heart as well. I also had a good time with the folks from there as well. Miaourt has been a wonderful admin, and I wish him luck with r3 as well.

Yall too sweet blobcatHeartHug

@Miaourt I have not had an account on niu. but many of my friends come from there and thus I'm really grateful for it! I'll fondly remember niu bun
Here's to more of the same on R3 blobheart

I didn't have an account there and I'm still crying 🥺

You can now view the credit on the phone without it being displayed like it's a desktop website !

Forgot this "viewport" boilerplate blobcatGiggle

I want a doodle of Guresuke and Eidon doing music together :D

@Miaourt it still doesn't work on ios, i don't have a debugger with me but maybe you could reencode it into a format apple understands?

@leip4Ier well, it's not a video, it's JS and CSS animating a bunch of html elements

@Miaourt i think it's music that breaks it. i see 00:00/00:00 on the timer.

@leip4Ier ooooh, made ogg vorbis and mp3, but maybe I badly encoded them...

@Miaourt hmm i thought it'd support at least one of them. safari is kinda flaky with encodings, like it can't do 4:4:4 mp4 videos or display those with a too high resolution. i dunno..

@leip4Ier retry again ? xD

@Miaourt still nothing.. x.x

@Miaourt o:

works!! thanks! :)

@leip4Ier aaaa, sorry but timings are kinda messed up right now xD

Okay, timings issues should be solved, sorry for inconvenience, please refresh if you had a bad experience / credits not synced with the music !

@leip4Ier does it still works now ?

@Miaourt @ilovecomputers @ocean awww Man I can’t see it on my phone I’ll look as soon as I can get on a computer!!!!!

@rye @ilovecomputers @ocean why can't ya ? Made it to work on it technically :o !

@Miaourt @ilovecomputers @ocean idk it just comes up blank ;-;

@rye @ilovecomputers @ocean no music player on the top ?

@Miaourt @ilovecomputers @ocean wait no it worked now I’ll watch it on break!

@rye @ilovecomputers @ocean Nice ! Put the sound ! :3

@comfcat it appear around 3:25 uwu

@Miaourt Finally worked for me. Wow, you put a lot of thought and effort into it. I love ya man. bunSadPat

On to greater pastures! bunHop

@Miaourt Thanksgiving for niu


@Miaourt I wasn't lying senpai.

sensitive media
Homemade bread, baked In memory of

@guresuke At 1:35 in ❤️

@Miaourt pourquoi t'as renoncé en fait à ton instance?