📣 This is a reminder to frequently change your passwords! 📣

@privacyint no. stop. don't.

Instead, use *different* strong random passwords for most of your services, and keep them in a password manager.

most password managers will help you generate strong random passwords automagically.

asking people to change passwords often is pushing them to use the same weak password across different services. and that's a way bigger security issue than an old password, especially if the old password is long and random.

@rysiek @privacyint

What this guy says. Stop recommending people to change their passwords frequently. You know "abcde2020" willl just become "abcde2021". Recommend password managers.

@privacyint This is *dreadful* advice ... potentially dangerous ... don't do it!

@yarmo @rysiek @privacyint any recommendations? i'm using lastpass right now, is it good?

@rysiek Exactly. This is how I got started using both diceware and a password manager like KeePass or Bitwarden. It takes the human element out. @privacyint

@zepsylonum @yarmo @rysiek @privacyint Bitwarden is a free software and open source alternative but really any password manager is better than none. Use the one that you like, that works with the tools you have.

link to own blog post about password managers

@zepsylonum @yarmo @rysiek @privacyint I wrote a small piece about password managers and Bitwarden a while back