"hey buddy you got any memes"
*searches furiously* ugh....

@georgia i liked RMS more before i saw what he looked like

@georgia you misspelled ‘cringe’

I barely find memes in my download folder akko_sad

@georgia I asked for memes not pornography

@ultem @georgia I kept this one

@anonymoussuomynona @georgia this is the only correct os meme.

@thor @georgia you probably shouldn’t look at his diet then

@georgia @allison @anonymoussuomynona it'd be an improvementi think

@pernia @allison @anonymoussuomynona openbsd is kind of a meme os

@georgia @allison @anonymoussuomynona its a good meme, feelsgood

@georgia @pernia @allison @anonymoussuomynona

> could be powering your router/modem
> memeos

@georgia @pernia @anonymoussuomynona Memes aside, I'm not comfortable for daily use with anything but Linux and 9front. Haven't used recent macOS so I can't comment on it but if it's anything like late PPC era macOS it probably gets a pass too

@allison @anonymoussuomynona @pernia it's nothing like late ppc macos lol

@georgia @anonymoussuomynona @pernia So I've heard. I have used Mojave a little bit in virtualization and it seemed OK

@georgia @allison @anonymoussuomynona @pernia the last good macos was 10.6. Everything Lion+ has gradually gotten worse and more unusable.

@georgia Haven't tried freebsd, sorry desu :c

@newt @thor @georgia foot fungus nutritious

@georgia yeah, i think i have a few memes to share...

@georgia post them all, I need to complete my collection

@methyltheobromine the stallman ones?