The great social media purge of 2021 is occurring right now. Twitter is banning loads of Trump supporters...if Parler was a publicly traded company, it would be a good time to get in early.

@MemeMaker inb4 visa et all pressure parler to do the same.

@MemeMaker one of the reasons alt tech has never worked for this is that the bankers just bop over and turn off your finances.

blobcatphoto but we'll host it ourselves

the bankers will just bop over and turn off your ISP's finances.

cf. 8chan, gab, insex

@MemeMaker jesus christ i got hit by this and i had like 20 followers

@IcyGrillz @MemeMaker Parlor has already censored people, its just another centralized trap.

Decentralized tech like fedi -- literally what we are using now -- is the future.

@shebang @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker

Only if combined with stuff like TOR I would imagine, if people start wanting to regulate the internet which we KNOW they want to.

@nerdman @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker I don't see how they are going to be able to regulate federated services like activitypub.

@shebang @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker

I don't know what that is, but clearnet wise it's just a matter of getting ISPs to ban people connecting to federated services. TOR goes around that.

@shebang @nerdman @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker By hunting down every last instance, or by making federated instances illegal.

@cowanon @shebang @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker

Ie: regulation. Going TOR should make it live longer but probably feds know how to fuck with that too.

@nerdman @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker "just a matter" isn't really applicable language to a w3c standard.

They didn't manage it with bittorrent, they won't be able to manage it with this either. Its really not easy to ban or block a protocol.

@shebang @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker

A w3c standard probably isn't really appliable when goons invade your office of your ISP and start giving you papers. Or potentially showing guns.

@shebang @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker

I mean, you're right. Bittorrent still lives. But... I'm scared of the future to be honest.

@nerdman @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker @shebang

Even TOR is watched by the intel agencies.

@QSourceX @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker @shebang

Yeah but shutting sites down should be more difficult right? IDK how it all works though.

@QSourceX @nerdman @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker TOR is definitely not secure, they've got fake nodes all over it.

@shebang @QSourceX @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker

i2p maybe then? It's similar to tor. Other than that there's Freenet I have NO clue how that one works.

@nerdman @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker @shebang

Well Cloudflare & Joe Sullivan can shut-down sites at will, with our without Tor protecting anything.

@nerdman @shebang @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker @QSourceX freenet is too slow to get anything done over

@QSourceX @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker @shebang

How can they shut down a server if they don't know the IP?

I mean, a server only showing as a tor address. Something that goes throu TOR to clearnet I understand.

@icedquinn @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker @QSourceX @shebang

IDK, I never understood how it works.

Also it's java, and I'm prejudiced against java.

@nerdman @QSourceX @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker @shebang

tor to tor hidden services might be okay. i'm not sure.

the public stories about it being compromised are primarily related to leakage fuckups (dns leakage on clients, hacking servers to get them to ping out because they weren't configured to trap all outgoing packets.)

i2p works similarly except it has a higher focus on scrambling overlapping packets (you get mixnet'd with other traffic) and the return path is separate.

@nerdman @IcyGrillz @MemeMaker @QSourceX @shebang you still have to take the same security precautions on both