Has anyone tried AMP HTML? My site is on regular HTML, but AMP seems great?

Maybe it is too good to be true?
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@RobinWils AMP is a google tech for cacheing, reinventing the wheel. Instead just use plain old html.

Stop using AMP, please!

@parasurv I never used it.

@RobinWils AMP is proprietary Google nonsense that loads stuff from Google servers.Don't use it,please.

@RobinWils Tbh, me neither. It sounds good at first, but Google want to lure you in to use their stuff, basically give control over to them.

(and sorry, I was't meant to be personal in my first message)

@parasurv @RobinWils I put it in the same category as CloudFlare (i.e. middlemen you don't need)

@sjb @parasurv I wasn't aware about how it functions, but I know enough about it from the comments on my post. I won't use it any time soon.