Alternativas a ?

@Divert In my experience Telegram doesn't have many, if any ads. I heard you could pay for them somehow but haven't encountered any.


@blini I can''t say I've ever seen an ad in Telegram.


@comradeagle @blini You are right, that is a mistake on the image.

@Divert telegram has advertisements?

@Divert xmpp

@georgia @Divert its literally shitware what did you expect

@Divert Ok, that's good. I was wondering if that was something new.

Telegram is ok as long as you treat it like it's for low-value communications. I have no problem asking my buddy how he is today, but i wouldn't discuss any serious plans on it.


@pernia @Divert i use it but i have an adblocker so i'd never know

@comradeagle @blini Yes I do the same, for serious stuff I use in my own instance . Which uses the protocol. I also trust Briar and Jami

Signal has very good reputation but It still bothers me that it is centralized and US based

@georgia @Divert why wouldn't you just use facebook messenger at that point then?

@pernia @Divert facebook messenger isn't on f-droid

@pernia @Divert also i haven't had a facebook for nearly a decade

@georgia @Divert my point is that its shit, conversations is on f-driod

@pernia @Divert i have conversations too but never use it

@pernia @georgia
Just beware that XMPP is not end to end encrypted by design nor by default.

@Divert @georgia its literally a button that you can click

@georgia @Divert its pretty good

@pernia @Divert it doesn't have stickers

@georgia @Divert just upload a fucking JPEG OF A CAT IF YOU NEED IT YOU CATTLE

@georgia @pernia @Divert I don't think they've implemented them yet, but a few weeks ago they announced that they'd be implementing ads soon

@georgia @pernia @Divert

deltachat could be kawaii with a little elbow grease and everyone already has email.

@xj9 @georgia @Divert CRINGECHAT

@pernia @Divert @georgia yeah cringe sells

@galena @pernia @georgia
That would really I mean REALLY suck!

@pernia @Divert @georgia I installed it but never use it. Looks like it's already time to jump ship.
I wonder if the fdroid version will include the ads, though. Apps on fdroid are usually ad-free.

@georgia @galena @Divert what are we talking about georgia do you remember?

@pernia @Divert @galena woops i mixed threads i thought you were talking about the screenshot i posted of a weird fdroid app

@georgia @Divert @galena literally pay attention next time this is not the pruple tobacco smoke thread

@pernia @Divert @galena i want to download it but i'm afraid

@georgia @Divert @galena why? why would you download literal smokeware that you have NO idea what it does

@georgia @galena @pernia
Afraid of what?

@Divert @georgia @galena change, she's p hardline conservative

@pernia @Divert @galena it seems like some kind of backup solution


@pernia @Divert @galena you're thinking of vaporware

@georgia @Divert @galena what's the difference?

@pernia @Divert @galena one is a word

@georgia @Divert @galena you're wrong

And needs a phone number 😖.
@comradeagle @blini

Element & Jami

@blini @Divert the ads you're speaking of are between channel owners typically. big russian channels will take money to advertise other channels via normal posts. i haven't seen any english channels doing that though. however: telegram is considering ways to sustain itself via ads on public channels, though it's not concrete yet.

@Divert i personally would not trust Signal, purely based off of the fact that it was recommended just like Zoom was. also, i've never used or heard of signal before this week, while i've used telegram for almost 4 years.

@SCyclops @Divert
Take the app that progressive watchdogs groups claim is the "most dangerous for minorities" and a "hub of Nazis" and use that. It probably has the best encryption tech and gatekeeping features.

Think there was an announcement that Telegram will start showing ads in their app and that is what the picture is alluding to.
@comradeagle @blini

@Divert irc, Mumble on Tor and I2P

@Divert ¿Entre qué aplicaciones se puede elegir al usar Telegram, más allá de las versiones web, de escritorio y para móviles de la misma aplicación?
Si la cosa se limita a eso, creo que se podría marcar esa característica en Signal también, ¿no?
Pero, desde luego, no sería comparable a lo que ocurre en Matrix, donde hay muchos clientes, más allá de Element en sus distintas versiones.

@Divert Sí, conozco ese puente. Ya es un buen paso que se haya desarrollado. Sin embargo, creo que no está del todo a punto, que falla un poco. Yo he estado en comunidades de Matrix "puenteadas" con Telegram y creo que se tuvo que abandonar el proyecto por eso. Además me parece que no está al alcance de cualquier persona lega en temas técnicos, ¿es así?
Y esa API, ¿sabes dónde la puedo encontrar? Me gustaría echarle un vistazo.