The so called "ethical software" movement is clearly against free software. Don't fall for that kind of crowd and their attitude:

#ethicalsoftware #FLOSS #FreeSoftware

@parasurv While I don't agree with how the people promoting "ethical software" are trying to achieve their goal, I also don't think this video represents those people, or their goals, in a fair way. I find the video to be so misleading I can't help but consider it dishonest propaganda.

@parasurv this video is filled with straw man arguments and hominem attacks.

There are a lot of people involved in ethical software who simply don't want want ICE to use the tools they build; or don't want to inadvertently assist a megacorp in the monitoring and data collection of individuals.

Very few are as this dude describes.

@parasurv I don't think the free software definition should change per se.

However this isn't a good or valid counterpoint to their position either.

@parasurv "Oh help people are trying to prevent bad stuff from happening, let's slander them".

Just as it's perfectly justifiable to lend my car out freely to all others, except to those who want to use it to kill cyclists, it's perfectly justifiable for coders to license their code freely to all others, except those who want to use it to do harm.

When you get offended by that and try so hard at vilifying others, maybe the problem is you. No one forces you to adopt their license.

@parasurv In line with that it's maybe also good to remember that free software is not a goal in itself, but a means to achieve a just and fair society. At least to me.