[Full-time] Senior Software Engineer, Parsing at Wikimedia Foundation

@fossjobs Look at this ^ Wikipedia is literally hiring a full time employee just to code parsing.

On the Parsing team, we work to support and evolve all things wikitext, the markup language behind Wikipedia. We aim to make wikitext easier to write, faster to parse, and less error-prone for humans. We also strive to support editing and content analysis tools with structured representations (ex: DOM). @feld

@fossjobs @feld The irony of the parsing error in my post

@feld @fossjobs Oh my god I forgot. Fuckers.

@feld @fossjobs @alex Just rot13 the source code, no one will be able to tell.
Elixir is arcane right? :D

@feld @fossjobs @alex Oh noes.
Let's hope it's the kind of slight rot that makes good cider.

@alex @fossjobs @feld pretty sure i already did most of this blobcatthonking

@feld @fossjobs @alex I guess one of my font is messing with that one?

@lanodan @feld @alex @fossjobs

What is the insignia of the Klingon Empire doing there?

@toromino @feld @fossjobs @alex Ooh maybe I have a klingon font installed

@toromino @alex @feld @fossjobs Actually the one providing it on my laptop is GNU Unifont CSUR. It being obviously bitmap gave it away.

My desktop is the one with a ton of fonts.