Since it's been about a year, new OS poll time~
18 illumos (OmniOS)

@allison arch on desktop/laptop, debian on servers, plus a few haiku machines kicking around

@aliasless Blessed choice tbh

@allison I use Arch linux btw

@allison artix

@allison dual-boot windows/elementary os on the laptop i used for school stuff. debian and raspbian for servers, arch on my ancient toy laptop

@allison Arch, previously Debian, love BSD but don't use it as a daily driver

@allison time for year of the VMS desktop

@libc Soon, very soon~

devuan GANG

@allison I'm running Windows, ChromeOS and Android.

@allison Kubuntu

@allison Linux. openSUSE Tumbleweed on all PCs/servers and the router/wifi access point, and Sailfish OS on the phone/tablet NetBSD! also IRIX

@allison is kubernetes an os

@allison w**dows (planning to install different OS) and Manjaro linux on a laptop since I'm a lamer and I don't want to fuck with machine it start work properly.

@linear Very cool taste tbh, haven't run IRIX yet but it's on my to-do list as soon as I acquire suitable hardware or emulation improves enough

@wizard @allison is your DAW an OS

@wizard @allison it sure is as much trouble as an entire OS stack

@wizard Kubernetes counts as Linux for the purposes of this poll. Windows 10 LTSC

@be @allison kubedaw IRIX is very cozy

@wizard @allison Cloud DAW as a Service Operating System(R)

@replikvlt Wow, I never took you for a Windows user lol

@wizard @allison in teh browser with WASM!

Linux: Some weird spins on gentoo, Artix in a chroot for anti- rokalife software, Alpine, OpenWRT, postmarketOS, SailfishOS, also ~always got a Tails and an Ubuntu LiveUSB
Proprietary Unix: Solaris 11 (I know, I'm not the one that installed it)
Plan9: My raspberryPi runs on 9front
Other: Whatever runs in my printer

@allison NixOS on Laptop and servers

@allison oh and alpine/pmOS on phone, though I don't know if you're counting phones given the lack of Android and iOS options

@allison void linux

@allison arch always arch forever arch
(it sucks. btw) arch

@izaya I suppose those would count under their respective desktop votes. I installed in an unfortunate situation when I broke my Slackware by trying to optimize glibc.
Unfortunately I didn't have any linux distro liveUSB so had to install what I had - Win 10.
Now I'm kinda afraid to go back because uni relies on many windows apps...

Sorry to dissapoint... ;(

Arch users: we waited for this blobfoxsmug

@replikvlt Nah it doesn't disappoint me, I was just mildly curious how that turn of events came about. (for the record, I'm on Windows myself, so there's no shame in admitting these things to me)

@allison Manjaro Linux

@ultem I'm just extremely surprised BTRON of all things got any votes

@izaya @allison Well Android is a proprietary-ish Unix, same for iOS AFAIK.
And Chrom*OS is gentoo-based.

@allison I use Debian and Alpine, but I like OpenBSD and use it when I can.

@allison Kubuntu LTS. The Ubuntu base means everything usually works out-of-the-box, or I can find help easy. KDE because it's so flexible to tweak everything as I like.

@rizele If I end up adopting Wayland on NVIDIA, KDE looks like the only reasonable option.

@allison Linux: for personal use, I distro-hop a lot, but I’m most comfortable with vanilla Arch. Used Gentoo for a bit, but it sucks. Slackware is nice, but i barely use it. I can also conclude that NixOS is terrible. For servers, I historically used Fedora, openSUSE, Raspbian, and Gentoo.

BSD: Used OpenBSD for a while, pretty nice, but at the time there was no rust support for x86_32 so i dropped it (like an idiot). FreeBSD, strangely, i don’t seem to use a lot. Considering trying NetBSD.

@allison @ultem i have no idea what most of the options even mean ablobcatgooglymlem
First time i ever hear of them

@allison Gentoo on my main computer and Alpine on everything else including my phone and email server. I'm thinking about moving to Guix though.

@critical @ultem Arguably a good thing, it means you aren't too deep into the tech rabbithole and you can still find God. I'd like to use linux even virtualized on here, and Even, must admit, it runs like bliss on windows build of qemu with "whpx" accelerator..
..when it doesn't bluescreen because of watchdog clock timeout that is...

@kaz @allison *buntu vomit

@wetsocks @kaz better the devil you know etc etc etc. technically could use WLS2, but idk, it just feels so hacky and unnatural tbh

@replikvlt Yeah I don't really like WSL2 much honestly. Do you have resources on how to set up whpx qemu?

@allison @kaz better than nodeOS

@allison Kubuntu

It Juzt Werkz

@wetsocks @kaz I'm pretty sure nodeOS is a joke honestly well you get the qemu build from either the "approved" qemu build or a 3rd party one, and the whpx is enabled by adding "-accel whpx" to a run command.
It needs A Windows Hypervisor platform component enabled to work

@allison Gentoo on my laptop & desktop, nixos on my servers, windows in a vm when I need it.
Do you have a link to the last poll?

@allison arch based for desktops because aur, not arch itself because I am a lazy fuck, also still distro hoping on a side machine, currently testing Solus.

@knotteye Unfortunately no, as I wasn't the one who did it.

@allison in all seriousness if you want proprietary unix, one could feasibly DD solaris. they update firefox (even on sparc...) and i think the gtx7xx GPUs are the final to have drivers

@libc Probably only a bit less feasible for this machine than FreeBSD even.

@allison to be honest i have considered freebsd on my desktop

i would actually miss systemd tho

@allison (well, that and VMware)

@libc My biggest thing is "can I just set it up, fire and forget with this weird gamer hardware that I have"

@allison I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not an operating system unto itself, but rather another free component of a fully functioning GNU system made useful by the GNU corelibs, shell utilities and vital system components comprising a full OS as defined by POSIX.

Many computer users run a modified version of the GNU system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of GNU which is widely used today is often called "Linux", and many of its users are not aware that it is basically the GNU system, developed by the GNU Project.

There really is a Linux, and these people are using it, but it is just a part of the system they use. Linux is the kernel: the program in the system that allocates the machine's resources to the other programs that you run. The kernel is an essential part of an operating system, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete operating system. Linux is normally used in combination with the GNU operating system: the whole system is basically GNU with Linux added, or GNU/Linux. All the so-called "Linux" distributions are really distributions of GNU/Linux.

@allison btw os

@allison kiss linux!

@allison unfortunately that basically means windows or linux :(

@libc bad scene tbh, if I could get a card to replace this nvidia one I could probably get away with a lot of systems since the rest of the hardware is fairly standard (Intel wifi chipset etc.)

@allison Debian on servers, alpine on rpi, windows on desktop and laptop.

@allison I do miss using gentoo for my main os but since I need windows for school things, I must jumped in wholesale because dual booting and VMs are dumb to deal with for my use case.


@allison gentoo on server, arch on desktop (kinda hate it) + windows vm with passthrough

@allison Debian

@allison right now the desktop runs Gentoo and Windows, ThinkPad runs Parabola, firewall and home server run FreeBSD (OPNSense and TrueNAS), and then most of my other servers run Debian

@allison Fedora Linux - it's the new 'standard OS' I put on computers when I can.

I kinda don't like how deeply embedded in the enterprise/business sphere it is - lots of things included that I have no need for currently. But I like having binary packages and lots of support from applications. Most of my irl friends aren't technical at all and so it matters that I can run say, Discord, to chat with them (though I find myself on Matrix more often.)

@allison I use Ubuntu and Arch on my desktop. Mostly Ubuntu at this point.
Windows I use on one of my laptops, but only for gaming.

@allison debian home desktop, antix eeepc, win10 work desktop

@allison I have Windows 10 on my gaming PC; macOS on most of my computers; Debian (MATE + i3) on my Pinebook Pro — though it feels sluggish now and may need another move back to Wayland, I just hate juggling xorg+wayland clipboards

@allison What's being voted on? The Best(TM)?

@chuculate What you personally use. I don't care to insert myself into OS flamewars much

@allison checked linux, p9, and windows. Mostly use arch linux for daily stuff because I've been using it for years and it works for me, armbian on some rk3399 boards that host some home automation services. Windows for some proprietary CAD/CAM stuff I need and other software for uni as well as the occasional game. Plan 9 is virtualized on linux and I'll probably install it natively on a raspi at some point.

@allison Artix Linux

@allison Debian on servers and raspi, Windows on laptop, dualboot Mac 10.3 and 9 on my iBook, sometimes I run kolibri or RISC OS on things.

@allison Artix (Linux) on all my machines, runit is <3

@allison oh and Alpine/iSH on my iPhone 5S, plus Android on my actual daily phone.

@allison Gentoo on my desktop, void on my laptop (I'm thinking about switching it to some flavor of BSD).

@allison, this is a weird one.

On the one hand, I know Linux infrastructure and its community very well, and I hate it enough to not use it on personal desktop hardware (but today it's the only sane choice on servers thanks to systemd, OCI containers, a bunch of different Linux subsystems and file systems).

On the other hand, this is very strange, but Windows 10 has worse support of hardware than Linux for me (it works awful on my Thinkpad X230 and there's no easy way to disable CPU/GPU mitigations to get back muh performance). And it lacks some cute Linux-exclusive applications I use (Spot for Spotify, Apostrophe for Markdown editing, no GPU acceleration on Kdenlive, better shell). Finally, GNOME sometimes just does a better UX job than Windows 10 UI.

In a better world where I don't need to work with Linux containers and to play stupid proprietary video games my daily driver could be OpenBSD with the default cwm. But not in this timeline, well.

@commagray "this is very strange" not unprecedentedly so, I bought a new Ryzen laptop not so long ago that actually has better hardware support under Linux than Windows by a fair bit

@allison I have other machines that run on other OSes but I don't daily drive them

@allison arch linux on primary work + personal laptop -- dual boots into windows for occasional .NET framework app development. also carry a 2014 macbook pro for ios development with me everywhere.

@allison BOLGENOS

@allison also where's the templeos?

@labeochrysophekadion other (please specify)

@allison I think I have :
- NetBSD, FreeDOS & windows 2000 on my R40
- MorphOS on my Mac mini g4
- OpenBSD on my x200 (had some pro FSF distro at some point)
- Haiku somewhere

But all of those stayed at my parent's place

@allison Parabola GNU/Linux-Libre

do you know about the temple os?

Windows PC, with an arch laptop

@labeochrysophekadion Been aware of it since 2011, why?

@allison I use Windows because I have to, and macOS and Linux because I want to. 🤓

For Linux: I run stuff on Ubuntu Server and Raspberry Pi OS, and write code on KDE Neon.

@allison Fedora on desktop, Alpine on x86 netbook, OpenWRT on anything that'll run it, and Lineage on my phone.

@allison Tons of customization, though lately I just switch from Breeze to Breeze Dark, add maybe 3 repositories, and don't tweak much else. When I was younger I'd spend so much time tweaking KDE and adding tons of repos which inevitably broke my setup.

@denza252 I disdain customization in my setups, as a general rule.

@allison Like too much customizability or _needing_ customization

@allison @denza252 I still customize stuff quite a bit, mostly since I can never find anything with defaults that are adequate. KDE comes very close though.

@allison fedora 33 on desktop, laptop and server

@denza252 A bit of both but mostly the latter.

@labeochrysophekadion @allison Bro STFU you not using templeos. It has no networking, and if you gave it such you're going against God's will and are going to rot in hell for that.

@normandy @allison I mean if Kubuntu shipped with Breeze Dark (included with the base install mind you) I'd be pretty close to satisfied ootb

@allison I use Debian. Nice and stable, with very few surprises.

@denza252 @normandy Yeah that is the one bit of customization I'll always do, since dark themes just are more comf for me to use

@denza252 @allison I kinda like the hybrid dark/light thing that Kubuntu has by default. Plasma 5.21 has it as well.

My main gripe with Kubuntu is that you have to get a PPA to get an up to date version of Plasma. I personally like using it on Arch, though I'm not using it atm since I need to use certain old libs that don't work in Arch for some reason.

@allison ubuntu on the work computer, 9front/openbsd dual boot on the personal one

@allison Arch on all of my “desktop” machines & Debian on all of my “servers”. I am basic

@allison windows/ios on our tablets just 'cause that's all they'll run
as for linux, artix on anything that needs to be encrypted, alpine on everything else (mostly because we haven't gotten around to building ykfde for alpine)
oh, and manjaro arm on our pinephone - would much rather not, especially since it uses systemd, but it seems to be the distro with the most support for stuff


@allison Arch on desktop/laptop, Debian on server.
Dual booting Windows on desktop for that one game that won't work with Proton.

@allison huh TRON is new to me

@libc @allison free vms when

@allison @wetsocks @kaz is it

this repo looks real

if its a joke its sublime


"work" (job and personal), everything but webshit: 9front
times when i need a microphone for something or webshit: macos

@allison For me it's Linux (Manjaro) on my Laptop and unfortunately Windows on my tower PC, as Anti-Cheats like BattlEye still don't work under Linux (or Windows VMs under KVM for that matter).

It's infuriating as the game I mainly play (Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege) runs under Linux with better performance than under Windows... If you disable BattlEye... Which means you can't play the game online which is kinda the point of the whole game.

@allison @libc no shit

these look abandoned and/or unfinished but still

god bless everyone doing this thankless labor

@dogstar @libc only about as abandoned as osfree tbh

@allison Arch Linux here. Many other blind *Linux* users use it so I have a bit of support.

@allison @libc i have no frame of reference for exactly how abandoned that is

the blessed laborers of 9front spoil me

@allison @libc since you know all this stuff about operating systems can you answer this important question for me

does any os have a hornier mascot than AROS

@dogstar @libc Not that I am personally aware of, at least officially.

@allison Linux everywhere except my ancient laptop which runs openbsd. I dual-boot Windows and NixOS on my desktop with Windows as my main, and then (am attempting to) run NixOS on my Pi

@allison Arch for desktop, Debian / Arch for servers

@allison Debian, but I guess so many Linux here is just a survivorship bias

If this is meant to be what I run:
Linux (Arch, Void, Gentoo)

@allison Ubuntu at work, but at work windows+Ubuntu+qnx (which I strongly don't advise, excepted maybe for some very specific case which can lead to the death of people, ie 62304 class c software)

@allison Guix System on main machine. Arch and Debian on some servers. Void on an old MacBook and also an Eee PC 900. postmarketOS on my PinePhone.

@allison Arch with KDE Plasma on my laptop. Ubuntu LTS on my desktop.

(Secretly thinking of jumping to Haiku or BAD though...)

@allison of course.

@allison unironically Windows

I just like the idea of having my little C: drive, my little D: drive, better than having a single root directory. DOS-like OSes are just more intuitive for desktop

@siina @allison had you looked into qubesOS?

@allison Incompatible Timeshare System

@allison Debian and CentOS, with stock kernels

@allison Ubuntu. Cause I haven't found a reason to change.

@allison I use Drauger OS on my main laptop and desktop, Ubuntu 20.04 on my server, Armbian on my RockPro64, and Raspberry Pi OS on my Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB.


Ubuntu, Xubuntu, RpiOS, Arch, Android

@allison ubuntu


@allison - I put down Linux because I WANT to use it, but Arch is not happy with my hardware these last few kernels....


Linux Mint Cinnamon
Debian Cinnamon

@allison freebsd

@allison Linux: Debiam and openSUSE.

And also a Windows for special software.

@allison i use computer, i dunno it hard, how computer, i didnt see i use computer so i thought i would reply, i use computer os, i like computer, it goes and it let me go. I gogog when i use computer. Computer nice. It lets me install browser and i like computer. Do you like computer? i think you do cause you made this poll about how you say “OS”. I like ossy osbourne if thats what you mean, ossy funny ossy make me laugh he goes “SHARINGGGG” .

computer good, i hope i helped you in your research 0181

@allison Linux Mint


Arch, PiCore, & p9 locally, Debian & OBSD across a few VPS.

@allison windows 10 and some fedora idr lol. And I got and rpi
Daily use:
latest macOS
latest Windows 10

Emacs 27.1

@tacumi >emacs
>as operating system
Blessed tbh~

@allison Slackware GNU+Linux and NetBSD

@allison @tacumi <troll>Which editor are you using in it?</troll>

Desktop -> artix
Laptop -> gentoo

@lycheefroot All my 'vintage' machines are PowerPC, looking to get a sparc64 system for completeness soonish (not interested in SGI hardware since it's completely overvalued by speculators)

what i'm sticking with: gentoo, alpine, openbsd, android, rebug on my ps3 if that counts as an "OS";
live OSes: knoppix, tails;
what i want to get rid of: openwrt, debian, void

@allison to be fair there is the "other OS" shit for ps3 so i think it's reasonable to include my ps3 in my operating systems

@lycheefroot And more importantly, software. x86(_64), PPC, and ARM get you the ability to run something like 95% of the actually interesting software in existence natively or through emulation, and the gap is narrowing every day (thanks in no small part to the MAME team going absolutely ballistic on emulating everything else)

@wowaname I'll count it as a vote for FreeBSD :^)

@lanodan @izaya @allison the poll has "linux" not "gnu/linux" so android would fall under that

@allison i voted "other"

by "other OS" i mean the feature in ps3 that lets you run a desktop OS if youre stupid enough to

@allison does the ps3 really use kfreebsd though

@wowaname @allison @izaya Then I might as well move Oracle Solaris 11 to uuh wait where is illumos.

@wowaname Yes, the PS3 and PS4 use heavily modified versions of FreeBSD as their main operating system.

@allison while im at it, what i used to use: win xp, 7, 8.1; ubuntu (i wanna say 8 and/or 9), arch (shit idea)

@lanodan @wowaname @izaya proprietary unix is close enough, since in practice it essentially means "system v and everything descended from it"

@allison oh and #! which was basically debian. i was a kid and someone on irc said it was cool cirnoShrug

@allison neat so i guess it would count as a bsd vote still lol

@allison FYI I use BTW

@allison pop os

@allison Void Linux (Musl libc flavor), and soon to be netbsd

Windows on desktop, Debian on laptop. blobcatcoffee

@allison KDE Neon on Desktop. Debian/Proxmox on Servers.

@allison Linux:
Gentoo on my thinkpad and gaming rig
Arch Linux on a bootable USB
Devuan on my server laptop
OS X Leopard on my iMac G4 did you try it?

@allison arch linux (Manjaro)

@allison for linux, debian is unbeatable. For other: Ubuntu Touch (but without Hardware Acceleration, which makes it sloow for apps like browsers and like that)

Ubuntu, waiting for Debian 11 release to check it out (too many bugs in Debian 10 for me)

@allison NixOS for servers and Manjaro KDE for desktop

@BollerwagenPicard @allison It is not something I have ever needed.

@allison arch on laptop and debian on servers

@siina @allison but it can run Linux and 🪟🪟🪟™

@BollerwagenPicard @allison I don't care. I don't need multiple operating systems for my desktop. XD

@siina @BollerwagenPicard @allison you can actually set up pretty damn quick dualboot through efibootmgr if your EFI is decent enough

For me it's pretty much a click away to boot into windows to play VR or EAC games (and a restart away to come back)

@hj @BollerwagenPicard @allison I totally forgot about NextBoot

@siina @BollerwagenPicard @allison you can do the same with GRUB (if it can boot into windows, sometimes it can't and need fixing) but it's slower than EFI and I lost code for it long time ago.

@allison Gentoo desktop, NixOS laptop, Debian on servers

@siina @BollerwagenPicard @allison idk, i don't care for it, I usually try to work with what I have unless it's too much of a problem or it doesn't work the way i need it. grub just works todd

t. not a gentoo user

@siina @allison @hj systemd-boot for the win

@siina @allison but it is like having one OS... But you can run in both worlds at the same time.

@hj @BollerwagenPicard @allison i still use grub, I just like to be grumpy about it :D

@BollerwagenPicard @allison It is still garbage for what I do. :)

@PeterCxy @allison Debian, playing around with GuixSD

@allison Manjaro Linux, currently

Linux: Manjaro Linux (Desktop), Proxmox + Ubuntu + Debian (Servers)
BSD: FreeBSD, OPNsense

@allison debian on PCs, ubuntu/debian on servers

@allison NetBSD, MorphOS, Haiku and AmigaOS.

I technically still use macOS and OpenBSD, but am in the process of moving away from them.

@allison arch on my main machine, manjaro on the laptop

@allison the best of course -> Linux.

@allison Alpine/PmOS on the phone and Majaro Linux for everything else, maybe @genode will be on this list next year too.

Windows 10 on desktop
Artix open-rc on laptop
Alpine on an old laptop that's getting replaced with a pi

@allison Debian

@allison Gentoo and OpenBSD

ArchLinux + Debian

solus Solus

@allison Manjaro

@allison I still use Windows for some things like work and college per se. But I've been using Linux a lot more lately. Currently, I use Linux Mint for my laptops I have (one is a dual boot with Windows), but I'm seriously considering switching to Debian + XFCE considering how buggy Mint's been lately.

I'm with you on that one. I have a Mint install that locks up the PC when playing video and DVD (mpv/VLC).

Install fest when?

@allison I specifically use Manjaro with Xfce for X86-64 Intel (I figured it may be good to specify architecture too, not sure why)