You know, as much as I love Pleroma, one has to wonder: Why do we have two microblogging services? What is the big difference between them? Sure Pleroma has more features and is more lightweight, but it's still a microblogging platform.

I know the most likely answer is "because we can" but still.

@person because mastodon cancels all the fun people blobcatgoogly

@person there's more than two activitypub servers :p i'd say they all do the same thing in similar ways
it's really unfortunate that many people only know of the fediverse as "mastodon", it really limits people's understanding of the platform

@icedquinn This is unfair to the Mastodon. Mastodon is software, just like Pleroma. Quality of your experience will depend on the instance you pick.

@person if you want to seriouspost then its because mastodon has an extremely thicc software stack and someone thought they could make it smaller which turned out to be true.

i'm sure if it was written in nim it would be even faster but the BEAM platform has some pretty serious advantages (which i don't think pleroma exploits but they're there.)

@spiral While it is unfortunate it's not at all suprising. Mastodon is made to be a bit more marketable, it's also a Twitter alternative which happens to be most people's favorite social media platform.

@icedquinn I guess that's true :D Sorry for not getting the sarcasm earlier, I don't always get it :)

blobcatgoogly <- silly blobcat face is usually attached to sarcasm blobcatsmilehappy

@icedquinn Yeah but I'm kind of a dum dum sooo XD

@person There's also GNU social, friendica, and diaspora to name a few. Mastodon and pleroma are just the most well known. Having multiple clients for a protocol isn't a bad thing. For one thing, it allows you to shop around if you don't like one option.