i'm not sure what the authorized job someone who is "cancelled" is allowed to work, so i'm just reinterpreting calling for someone to be cancelled to be identical to calling for their death.

@icedquinn pretty much yeah

@pasture i'm not really shitposting either. i think it's the same thing blobcateyes

in the past a political correctness violation might result in people refusing to carry your marketing for a year or two. but those were also primarily rich people who could survive being off screen for a year, go to rehab, whatever, come back.

in wokeness the punishment is permanent and you're not even allowed to be self employed. people who work mostly alone just result in cancelites going after patreon or youtube "oh no you can't even host a cancelled person!"

so it's like... you're saying "it's not cancelling its just consequences" but the penalty appears to be death. i think once or twice they implied working as a stock boy at walmart was allowed?

so why don't we just treat them all the same as the nazis saying gas jews.

@icedquinn i wasn’t shitposting either. that’s pretty much what cancel culture is designed to do

@pasture this is just the protestant v catholic all over again isn't it blubcatuhh

@icedquinn @pasture
So, if you're canceled, you weigh less than a duck?

@icedquinn @pasture Used to be worried about being associated with people, so I avoided engaging online with them. I still try to keep anonymous. After 2020, I just feel dead. I'm giving less and less of a shit and started engaging with toxic people. I think in general the fear is getting worse instead of better. Just kinda of accepted it that I am a black sheep atm whenever they come for me.

@DokiDoe @pasture yeah i cut off my old username of 20 years because we now live in the USSR.

@icedquinn @pasture I still question when the rot started. At times I want to believe it was slow build up. Other times I think the rot was always there and they are only now catching up with tech to subvert its power for political power. I still want to engage with the system that is to fix it but I am feeling more and more detached to it.

@DokiDoe @pasture you just have to do the work and not support that side of the tree.

@icedquinn @pasture Supporting something because it isn't them seems ineffectual.

@DokiDoe @pasture good isn't easy blobcatcoy

have had to turn down a lot of popular stuff because i'm not interested in heavy DRM.

pay more than i strictly have to for groceries 'cause we use the company with more ethical treatment of employees (and as a consequence, the food is also better blobcatnompeach)

@icedquinn @pasture and then you realize things like Richard Stallman being undermining. And the only reason the injustice is reversed is because of his reputation. A nobody would have no hope. I'm not smart enough to vet everything and replace everything I have. It keeps happening. Linux, Lava-bit, pateron, even crypto, ect. Every time something gains enough power to threaten the system, it feels like it is yanked from under neath you to be sold out and leveraged against its foundation.

@icedquinn @pasture

You have a point here, It also appears to be removing rational debate and argument which is a bad thing.

@TransGal4872 @icedquinn @pasture I've been saying it's just the new kind of witch hunt. I'd love to see a monty python version of a trial for a cancelled person though haha.