The Fediverse should get rid of the addictive dark patternes that were copied from Twitter & co

@djoerd is it me or is this very mastodon-centric?

@khaosgrille @djoerd well at least infinite scrolling is a thing with pleroma as well, dont know about misskey though

@felifeli @djoerd i would not see it as a dark pattern since we have much more options and ways to filter our timeline to our needs. but on the other hand we dont get abritary limits like mastodon does

@djoerd this is so frustratingly written. especially if you expect and if one of your headlines is "Where's all this going?" you know you did something wrong.

anyway, the relevant sentence is: "In the case of infinite scrolling, I think there's two routes an ethical anti-designer could take to help the person using their product scroll healthily: they could get rid of it or they could interrupt it."

@djoerd bloatfe for pleroma (at the very least) uses pagination as opposed to infinite scrolling. I'm not sure if honk does the same, I'd have to use it again to be sure. honk also deals with a lot of other (real and purported) antipatterns so it may be of interest to you if you can get past the wacky names for everything

@djoerd pleroma-fe used to let you disable infinite scrolling, but they took it out in an update claiming they didn't think it was used much or something. Horrible.

@djoerd FWIW there is no infinite scroll in Tusky. It fetches a fixed number of toots from the top of your timeline, and when you scroll past that you get a "load more" button and the part of your timeline that you've already seen. I like that.