autistic and ocd factory game enjoyers:
blobcatbot blobcatreach

normal people who play factory games:
blobfoxnomshoe i vomited wires all over the floor! progress! such wow!

blobcatnotlikethis2 oh god what have you built

blobcatnotlike why is the power box rotated 90 degrees from the vent

blobcatastonished WHY IS EVERYTHING JUST SLIGHTLY WRONG adhd factory enjoyers be like
a stock image of spaghetti. with meatballs! yes, please devour my mess

@icedquinn don't look at my factorio base

@icedquinn it had so much spaget i gave up and replace every fucking converyor belt with demand/offer chest and let the s w a r m do the work

@Stellar oh no blobcatnotlikethis2

when famble does this and now none of the logistics ever work again because it's just one clump of bees that are overloaded constantly.

@icedquinn me: MORE HIVES 🐝 🐝🐝🐝🐝

@Stellar the bees are making more bees blobfoxthisisfine

@icedquinn yes, i had a automated system to produce more bees and put them in the hive to free them and work, i had no railroads only bees

bee production blobcatprofit
performance blobcatdeficit

@icedquinn @Stellar Bees stonks