@ocean tea for me, no contest

@allison I enjoy both, but Tea is the only truth

@ocean cofe gang, cofe gang

@ocean the final word in caffeinated beverages

@ocean tea blobcatadorable

@ocean Biscuit tea, and Jam on toast tea

@allison There is way more verity in tea too

Green tea, pu-erh, red tea, oolong white tea
All have a very distinct flavor and smell
Cofe is kinda just

@ocean @allison blobcatshh coffee lover might torture you

@Jain @allison I drink of cup of cofe literally every single day!!

@ocean @allison
> Cofe is kinda just cofe

@ocean I can't vote one way or the other. They both have their times and moods.

@ocean both


@ocean BOTH!

@ocean CofTea

@ocean tea in general but for exotic stuff coffee

@ocean Good people is winning.

@ocean I mostly drink coffee out of these 2, but only for the caffeine, so uh.. I think tea is still better lol.

@ocean I love coffee and it will always have a special place in my heart, but tea is so varied and flavorful.

@ocean Good people are winning.

@ocean What about chicory ? blobthinkingeyes

@ocean WHAT

@ocean y not both?

@ocean both, sometimes in the same cup

@ocean make love not war
Tea + cofe

@bunni I-in the s-same c-c-cup...?

@ocean Tea for me. Can't stand the taste of coffee TBH

@ocean yes bun
(Actually never tried, might be good?)

@ocean cowfee

@partridge Glean Tea

@ocean CAWFEEE



@ocean this is an attack on blobcatcofecup

@ocean this is extraordinarily even so far


I'm with the Tea Army

@ocean kefir

@pyromage Tea shall win in the end, for it is the most honorable

@ocean I choose energy drink blobcatDevil

@ocean looking like it'll be a damn close victory, though

@ocean Is this about the taste or the caffeine high 😶

@ocean I detest tea, I like

@ocean GWEEN TEE

@ocean i can't believe coffee isn't winning!!

@ocean blobcatnotlike I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO PICK

@ocean cawfwee ☕

@ocean yerba mate!

@ocean That's a really hard one. But I ended up drinking much more espressos than teas. So, coffee.

@ocean where's water

@ocean @human_dude tea is a way of life 🫖

@ocean It's so close, wow

@ocean never drank coffee meowNoMouth

medical information

@ocean I used to be on camp tea, but after I got a part of my stomach amputated, I suddenly didn't like tea anymore, and now I'm a big coffee person.

@ocean Tea 🍵 4 Life! ablobcatattentionreverse

@ocean both

@ocean Coffee gang rise up i wish plain water is an option too. being free from caffeine is good

@sandycorzeta It's too late for me, I'm already an addict

@loke @allison

If we end at 50/50 I'm gonna be shook

@hakui Inside both tea and cofe

@ocean coffee tastes like carbonated feces i'm good

@calculsoberic Tea is so good though!

@ocean I actually like both, I just play up my love of coffee! 😆 I have coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon

@0PT41N @ocean Tea made out of powdered coffee beans.

@ocean Tea made out of powdered coffee beans.

@ocean The problem with coffee is I can't really distinguish flavors beyond "I added half a cup of splenda and now it tastes pleasant to me"

but TEA, I can be like "this is a fruity or flowery tea, this is a masala chai, etc" It's a whole other world!

@lapis Yeah, I feel like this is why tea deserves to win
Cofe more or less has one flavor, it's a great flavor, but tea has so many different flavors depending on what you get!

Of course Tea should win anyways since it's statistically the most popular drink in the world besides water

@ocean OK OWO

@absturztaube *sips intently*

@ocean @absturztaube *angrily sips cofe*

@ocean I drink both! tea: breakfast/afternoon - coffee: after lunch/supper. so I'm gonna vote for chocolate 🍫 🤭

@absturztaube @ocean


@ocean brain says tea, but coffee addiction says coffee ☕

@ocean that's like asking people to choose inhale or exhale, both all the time!

@ocean perfection

sondage tea or coffe, each with a 50% score

@domodak @ocean mit ovo chaschs nit besser, aber lenger ovo

@ocean 50/50 😳

@manuelcaeiro @ocean And I can't distinguish them! You must admit that it takes a bit less work to distinguish between a fruity taste and something that tastes like cinnamon, right?

@lapis @manuelcaeiro

As opposed to tea, where, for example, green tea and shou pu-erh taste very very very very different

@ocean Where is water? :p

@Nerothos Inside both tea and coffee!

@ocean Toffee!

Too difficult to choose!


@ocean Both, no contest ;)

@ocean I just ordered coffee. Whooos

@ocean I just ordered coffee. Whooops

@ocean coffee is for the worker, tea is for the philosopher.

@ocean go coffee, we believe in you!



@ocean neither, both fucking SUCK!

For me it's first one (usually tea) then the other to start my day. Then the rest of the day is dominated by teas in decreasing caffeination from black to green then herbal. Could I do with coffee? Maybe... Hard maybe.

@ocean Cafezin blobcatcoffee

@ocean Tea, when I get diarrhoea

@ocean cmon folks, tea is the way to go!

@Bloodaxe We need more votes for tea!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I wouldn't know. I never tasted shou pu-ehr... 😆

@ocean By worldwide consumption, I'm afraid tea has already won.

@ocean I like coffee.

@ocean Chocolate!


@ocean (I don’t like coffee, and don’t like tea either)

@ocean tbh the best is beer :P

@ocean chocolate.

@ocean Tea because I don’t like the coffee jitters

@ocean coughy

@eris @ocean best emoji ever


Oh I like coffee
And I like tea
I'd like to be able to enter a final plea

@bunni @ocean Trust me it isn't.....

Hot chocolate


Maté !

@ocean Both actually but I've just made some fresh coffee so... there goes my vote.

@ocean both!

@ocean chocolate milk

@ocean I voted for Tea, but I prefer Rooibos in general yoda


@ocean unusually for a Brit, i'm 100% team coffee


@acdw @ocean eugh, I'll support both but not at once


I enjoy both but they're not for the same thing.

Tea is for fun, for catching up with a dear friend, for enjoying pictures of yesteryears with grandma.

Coffee is for life, coffee is for pain. Coffee will kick your ass first thing in the morning and void your bowels. If you're not suffering from your morning beverage, how do you know if you're really awake?

Jokes aside: ☕ for me please!

@ocean and so remains the underdog :(

@ocean C'mon folks! Go and vote for tea while you can, or you might make @FiXato cry! Do you want that? Do you? ms_stick_out_tongue

@ocean @loke @allison - Coffee is now winning!!!

@calculsoberic @ocean Cofee IS winning now... Tea was when i practiced zen, but now again with strength in my dawns!

@marcospier oh, go figure! There are certain types of tea I prefer - hibiscus, chamomile, and green are among them. @ocean @marcospier


@flowerenby @ocean at once! It's the best!

@ocean cofe won. deservedly blobcoffee

@ocean CAFÉ

@ocean So wrong!!

@ocean @loke @allison That was close!

@ocean the vote was prly rigged 🤣

@ocean that result is a disgrace.

@ocean Wooo! coffee!

@ocean if you aren't two-fisting, are you really doing it right?

@ocean I am pleased to see that coffee (the objectively superior beverage, I'm sure) has won.

@ocean the people have spoken!

@ocean tea ftw

@ocean top 10 fediverse betrayals