if everything accessibility-wise could stop being trash that'd be nice

i watched a 40 minute long talk of a dude showing qt off and he didn't really explain the section i was there for and it was in c++ so kind of a waste

i'm very tired and not at all a developer, i should have just gone to bed

like its weird because i guess orca doesn't read QLabels off the bat and i still gotta test what actually gets orca to read them. not to mention i can't quite get keyboard scrolling to work well at all

i also have to make my own link handling (since the gemini library's i'm using apparently broke and i'm too much of a shit to make an issue) which i'm not looking forward to at all because my python skills basically amount to hello world

i'm a little bit annoyed because i found a random pyside client where it just works and it reads everything fine and i'm very jealous

maybe it's pyqt? maybe if i started using pyside it'd work but idk i'll test that tomorrow i guess