The future

Run GNU/Linux and XFree86 on a 80386 with merely 2 MB RAM

Having 32 GB RAM and the web browser is still super laggy

@julienxx C'est une blague ?


@julienxx I thought it was serious at the beginning. It's only with "emoji cache" that I understood.

@ronane oui mais bon, il y a bien des projets de browser dans le cloud de nos jours alors pourquoi pas 😀


@bortzmeyer could very well happen 😂

@julienxx tu me rassure !

Stadia 4 Facebook x)

"@_Ninji spent far too much time on this"

*breathes a sigh of relief


@bortzmeyer @julienxx It will happen. I mean… just check the news over the last years - who would have guessed o0

(Also: Where is my hoverboard?)


@julienxx Oh wow. We're 🍞.


@julienxx Please tell me this is a joke. Really, if this is a real thing it's truly time to get rid of my computers and take up residency in a dark cave.

@julienxx Nothing says "future" like desktop apps that basically run on something based on Chromium.


@julienxx @bortzmeyer At this rate the future might as well be "cloud browsers", and this one is sadly real:

@julienxx Is this @Ninji?


@meisam @Ninji I doubt it, saw the pic out of context so must be a twitter handle

@julienxx if you printed this on typical magazine paper and just made a photo i would actually believe that this is real

@julienxx tell my why i shouldn't but this other that it doesn't exist

@loke @julienxx I'll join you if this turns out to be not an Aprils fool.

@julienxx Facebook newsfeed FPS cracked me up.

@julienxx cursed. Where did it all go wrong?

@julienxx Of all the images on the internet this one makes me feel most conflicted.

It makes me want to laugh and cry, but most importantly it makes me hate how much I want it so that I can use some of my computer for actual work instead of burning CPU on Slack causing shitloads of fucking latency on the low-resource applications I actually *want* to use.

@julienxx isn't this basically what custom silicon does?

@julienxx do you update it for every new HTML standard that comes in? That will be expensive.

@sasha_sorokin yeah until the blockchain folks find a use for it and we can't get a good card without selling a kidney

@julienxx This is a joke I assume, sometimes it's hard to tell.

@julienxx I just hope that this is a some kind of joke here :-))). On the other hand, it looks like a very good idea to get this bloated web growing into even more insanity :-). is a way to go ... not this crap called

@julienxx @shpuld warned me about this.

@julienxx this was a joke, but now browser-as-a-service is now real

@cell @julienxx the web was a mistake

@julienxx this is too real. There's a startup doing something like this and I don't remember what it's called.

@julienxx this is what electron devs are developing for

@julienxx A card with emoji cache, it's... funny x)

@wzqtparor @julienxx eight megabytes and constantly swapping

@allison @wzqtparor @julienxx we're in the era where eww is now a lightweight browser

@julienxx amazing! Can't wait to finally be able to have 2 browser tabs open at the SAME TIME!

@wzqtparor @julienxx install sqlite3, then:
$ for i in *.sqlite; do echo "vacuum;" | sqlite3 $i ; done

for f in ~/.mozilla/firefox/*/*.sqlite; do sqlite3 $f "vacuum; ; done

it will compress the firefox database.
Also in the about:preferences#privacy section you can empty the cache and cookies.

@julienxx build it for companies using salesforce and it'll sell like hotcakes

@julienxx would legitimately take this over that Mighty thing.

@wzqtparor @julienxx
you forgot 2010s:
let's make small 10" laptops with Atom CPUs - just for web browsing, that shouldn't need much power - and call them "netbooks"

@wolf480pl @wzqtparor @julienxx netbook form factor is cool but i dont think they were built that well, might be wrong though

@wowaname @julienxx @wzqtparor
I had one, I loved the form factor and the keyboard layout, but having to choose between running Firefox *or* Thunderbird at any particular time wasn't fun...

And then its HDD died. And when I tried to replace it, I somehow managed to fry both the internal power circuits and the external power supply at the same time.

@julienxx I hate that someone is probably looking at this like "hmmm... i bet we could sell this in our next device"

@julienxx I legitimately thought this was real... yikes.

@wowaname I still have my NB300 Toshiba, that thing is a little beast. I specced it up to 2GB ram, originally had 1GB 🤦‍♂️
Of course, it now has Manjaro on it.

@julienxx @wolf480pl @wzqtparor

@wolf480pl you sound like management. My mate is a manager and manages to kill gear in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways. Sometimes without even doing anything 😆

@wowaname @julienxx @wzqtparor

@julienxx comedy gold and so well done

@swansinflight lol no, I'm not a manager, and I'd make a terrible one.

@wolf480pl 😂 same

@julienxx We say this as a joke, but mark my words, we are not far away from JavaScript ASICs or something being an actual component of most smartphone SoCs

@quad @julienxx given there's "JavaScript powered" microcontrollers and some people breathlessly told me JavaScript is vastly superior to C at a conference I never took that joke as a joke.

@julienxx Ah. There it is. The most cursed thing I'm going to see all year.

@wolf480pl @wzqtparor @julienxx lol I forgot how badly that name aged

@kai @julienxx
Yes+No ("Jein" in German) - custom silicon is made for precisely defined algorithms - e. g. calculating beams of a multi-directional radio antenna or encrypt/decrypt messages or make numerical simulations on environmental settings. (Few formulas, lots of data).

Web browsing, in contrast, means (nowadays) executing any arbitrary JS program which all those guys put onto the web. /If/ you wanted that more efficient, /they/ should program the app directly in C/C++/...


@kai @julienxx
Of course programming languages and maybe even the whole hardware designs could learn from today's web. (Which makes the original graphic so interesting). But then it wouldn't be custom silicon, then it would be a complete system change.

But me personally, I would really think twice whether to use/adopt this if it would come around tomorrow - this would be computers far distant from locally-interfacing, locally holding data. They were nothing more than boring web endpoints.


@jbechtel @kai in case it wasn’t obvious this was a joke about web browsing requiring too much resources for essentially text and images 😅

@julienxx @kai @Polychrome

Like Polychrome (in CC) - you can never be sure 🙂

I fully agree with you that web pages have become too heavy. A very impressive example is twitter <-> nitter.

AFAIK, there is CPU instruction(s) for converting between doubles and integers in javascript