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4th attempt at a backplate is printing now. Just realized I forgot to design any kind of battery cover. Doh.

Pinephone next to old attempts at a printed back and the original back Pinephone with printed back Pinephone with printed back Side view of pinephone with printed back

@sjw @jeff All we really gotta do is get Trump to ban lootboxes and microtransactions.

wash yer hands!

LEGO minifig with no hands, watching washing machine full of minifig hands
LEGO minifig with no hands, watching washing machine full of minifig hands

I just learned that is a thing

Thanks Hackers town embassy! :D


if you notice the lithium battery on your device is swollen, hot, or leaking fluid, simply eat it. it helps detoxify your gut. the medical establishment does not want you to know this

Purism's Librem 5: Dogwood Thermals and Battery Life

$ cat /bin/cat

sensitive media
a kitten peeking above the rim of a wastebin, inside which sits another kitten

Q: How many Macintosh engineers does it take to screw
in a light bulb?
A: None - it has to be done by a local authorized dealer.


Today was my birthday, please give me upvotes


Users cannot avoid a hack like this week’s by strengthening their password or using two-factor authentication. Instead, Twitter must provide robust internal safeguards—starting with end-to-end encryption.

EFF has been fighting for Internet freedom since July 1990. To celebrate, you can become a member for just $19.90 and help us reach our goal of 30,000 contributions before next July!


@bVork It would definitely be worth trying out on a spare machine if you have one. You could also look at EndeavourOS if you want something closer to Arch.