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It's days like today that make me happy I sold my Oculus Quest back in October

New challenge for Kotaku: try not to be racist when referring to a black conservative

TypeScript doesn't seem like a bad language to develop with. Babel, webpack, and NPM can jump up their own asses, though

@randomColorContrasts this is the gentrified version of hot dog stand


(Contrast ratio: 5.0:1 | AA)

Tacha (#DBCD66) and Lotus (#7C3C3D)

pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy

wen day is dark alway rember happy day

you've been hit by,

you've been struck by,


sensitive media
a youth hymnal

When talking about kubectl, kubeadm, minikube am I supposed to say "cube" or "koob"?

Spurdo Pride Month: Spurdoize Your Logos Here
did you know, that every Sun:DD product came blessed with eight gondolas? it was a sad day when OragleDD: bought them out, but we were very lucky, one of the last things Sun:DD did was set them free :)

support a gondola today, keep a SBARG:DD product alive!

Not content with conventional ways of slowing down or people's computers, Norton investigates crypto mining.

Shid and fug are both real words and I could not be happier

Microsoft is going to use UEFI and secure boot to prevent users from installing a competing OS!!

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My favorite cryptocurrency argument is when people compare the pollution from their distributed slot machine with other industries that produce real goods or provide valuable services

Hey kids! Did you know your parents' credit card is also an amiibo? Just tap to unlock all kinds of exciting in-game content

@lain getting executed 4 being reactionary

When someone says "have fun staying poor" the polite response is "you too!"

There's a lot of light mode perverts running these demos

Apple is the kind of friend who tries to control what you do and who else you hang out with "in order to protect you"

Google is the kind of friend who only hangs out with you so that they can gossip about you to their advertiser buddies