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Bet you casuals use easy butter
A stick of butter that reads "Challenge Butter. Real challenge Real difference"

The article: beware the casual polymath

The comments: hacker newses try to justify how their software / startup backgrounds make them experts at everything

The servers for my IoT bed warmer are down. Cold it is!

The sun is so red today

Twitter banned for not supporting the correct presidential candidate

Pleroma does what mastodon't

We have received 1,805 app votes so far! Already at 18% of our 10,000 vote goal!

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@lain An island in a sea of futanari

@djsumdog @tk

Welcome to ShaderOS

It's almost as if a handful of large companies are leveraging their control of places where public discourse happens to prevent competing opinions from gaining traction

Ideological antitrust?

It feels like when I hit 32 years, my free trial of being healthy ended. From now on, there will be work

Why spend millions on advanced fraud prevention systems when you can just decide that all transactions are legitimate

I think the financial industry has a lot to learn from cryptocurrency

Dear reddit... aren't you forgetting someone here? 😕

Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina are the same song and I'm tired of pretending they're not

But then they also removed the feedback, so overall a mixed bag

I used ebay's live chat feature to complain about unfair feedback and it sent my chat messages to the buyer. Literally sent them a feedback change request that starts with "I have a buyer who left negative feedback after"

Oculus account status 🗑️
The money I had spent on games 💸

Choose a way to born