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re: Greta gets FUGGED
@RehnSturm256 @mewmew well actually I just got reminded of an old country song I heard not to long ago, if only climate messages of today were this catchy well now I'm off to try and play fallout or something.

re: Greta gets FUGGED
@RehnSturm256 @mewmew I'm just tired of all the politics, you can only take so much climate speak or for example so many Mike Bloomberg commercials before you never want to hear the name Mike Bloomberg again.

re: Greta gets FUGGED
@RehnSturm256 @mewmew climate politics and politics in general are gay.

re: Greta gets FUGGED
@mewmew @RehnSturm256 I know mew mew miss ya too.

re: Greta gets FUGGED
@mewmew @RehnSturm256 listen mewmew I don't have much to say on this manner or any others anyway relax and have a great day don't stress over it ok.

re: Greta gets FUGGED
@RehnSturm256 @mewmew alright I'm just going to hide away again and try to avoid the politics or something, you two have fun though, and don't worry I'll be back next groundhog day or whatever.

re: Greta gets FUGGED
@mewmew @RehnSturm256 well it is exactly what it says on the tin. That energy company as messed up as that is does have some balls on them doing that.

re: Who you ask?
@solidsanek @Mitsu yeah I've been busy and haven't really been motivated to post on the fedi much, that and upon sticking my head back in the door I suddenly realized how much this all makes me want to check my phone or computer or whatever for notifications from here and now I've got the debate with myself if the distraction/timesink of that all is really worth it.

still I'm going to try and pop my head in more... theoretically... hopefully... yeah still don't have much to talk about as of late, anyway have a good day Sanek.

@mewmew @allison @freon @kick @trwnh thanks mewmew, I'll see about checking in more, can't promise anything though.

@mewmew @allison @freon @kick @trwnh wow I have impeccable timing at checking back on things at times, sorry for my absence just haven't felt up to all of this in a while and have been rather busy lately, miss you guys too mewmew blobcatsnuggle

@freon @allison @kick @trwnh that's nice, well I've met my quota for posts for a while, time to lose motivation and disappear for a few days or something... well that and sleep, night lain's, socials, and blobs. blobcatnightuwu

@allison @freon @kick @trwnh ok yeah there are a few on here but they are all really out of my way... so close but so far away.

@allison @freon @kick @trwnh yeah thanks but no dice none in my state, sorry but I've heard that arcades are dead most of my life and it definitely seems to be the case... found this weird fps arcade machine in a skating rink.

@allison @freon @kick @trwnh ok yeah I'm there, but the closest I'm getting to an arcade where I'm at is a chuck e cheeses or an incredible pizza.

@allison @kick @freon @trwnh dear god a local arcade? Fuck what I wouldn't give for one of those... and the ability to get there... I want to play carneval again and smashing drive but my local bowling alley is a money sinkhole that is closed for the foreseeable future it seems.

@kick @allison @freon @trwnh yeah but people getting withdrawn into a phone makes it harder to meet people in real life and that's if you even have an idea of where to meet people and the ability to get there...

Not going to lie I'm a bit of a neet but not for reasons that are all my fault though.

@allison @kick @freon @trwnh yeah people definitely seem to be getting more withdrawn into their phones nowadays, and that's when they're not busy with work or something else....

@dielan @freon people like having a face to put to the names.