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Jain, just another identifiable name

I like :blobcat: and post them regularly

:blobcatsnuggle: all those :blobcat:


blobcatsmol blobcatsmol blobcatsmol blobcatsmol blobcatsmol blobcatPeek

blobcatpeekneutral โ€‹blobcatmlemโ€‹


@Mikoto @critical @icedquinn I will not comment anything more in this regard

comfyhappy I'm going to my pillow fort now

@chj0 Any interpersonal conflicts are newly handled by @allison and @mewmew

Herewith I withdraw from the activity as an administrator so far that I will only take care of hosting and spam from now on.

@Mikoto @matrixsasuke And that is where our difference lies, see my post in this thread.

@tn5421 @matrixsasuke @Mikoto I would like to make it clear that I will not take any further administrative action for this situation, but I can understand the complete situation. Mistakes were made by both sides, which I have corrected and both sides show understanding for their mistakes, so I see no reason for further disscusion.

mods are asleep, post blobcat

@icedquinn @Mikoto @s8n blobcatshrug2 I was asked about it and one wanted it, so I will do that in the future. Should I do this now for the Siutation afterwards?