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Just another identical name

2020/01/18 8:23:05 AM UTC

@Potionmaster Welcome to the fediverse :ablobcatwave:

2020/01/17 8:03:25 PM UTC

@mewmew @kazuma I bought some hdds for a small ceph cluster

2020/01/17 7:56:00 PM UTC

@mewmew @kazuma kodimd, gitlab, something like nextcloud

2020/01/17 7:54:26 PM UTC

@mewmew @kazuma i have many plans, a xmpp server, a matrix xmpp bridge, there are plans to host a mirror for 1-2 package manager :ablobcatbongo:

2020/01/17 7:50:30 PM UTC

@mewmew @kazuma you host a lot of services now :blobcatblush: i can't wait to host a few things myself

2020/01/17 7:24:11 PM UTC

@lizzubee im at home :blobcatcomfy: