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I like :blobcat: and post them regularly

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2020/04/02 3:28:35 PM UTC

@zaun dr erst schluck vo dem mojito gsöf isch nid so fein aber ner geits

2020/04/02 3:14:55 PM UTC

@raccoon :blobcataww: i miss cats :blobcatsad:

2020/04/02 3:11:07 PM UTC

@raccoon fine and you? :blobcatpeekaboo:

2020/04/02 3:10:30 PM UTC

@draemmli posting that many blobcats :blobcatgiggle2:

2020/04/02 3:09:18 PM UTC

@draemmli maybe... the image that all my posts are in your timeline :blobcatblush:

2020/04/02 3:01:16 PM UTC

now I feel uncomfortable...

2020/04/02 2:53:17 PM UTC

completely forgot that @draemmli follows me on this account, i thought @laggard was the only that know me irl

2020/04/02 2:34:27 PM UTC

@zaun @draemmli :blobcatgiggle2: maybe a hug

2020/04/02 11:26:06 AM UTC

re: food, pizza, omnivore
@JennyFluff :blobcatdrool: