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You're all qt's

Backup of
I use both sometimes at the same time, so feel free to talk to me on here or on FAB

@blobyoumu it's getting there.

@blobyoumu at least not yet

@blobyoumu I wouldnt call it a phone since it can't make phone calls, but definitely a mobile computer

@blobyoumu I mean it could be used as a retropie meme

@Dee sad world

@nichii those all sound sketchy imo

@2meirl42meirl4meirl parents like this don't deserve to have kids

when a PC understands your worth

lemme give kiss blobcatreachmelt

sensitive media

Antvenom is fuckin cool man.
He let people who got scammed by a minecraft convention stay at his house and he was part of a group of youtubers that managed to create a convention from scratch.


@AWS yum

I want to give everyone that makes me happy a hug, and everyone on the fediverse at least 5 kisses and a hug