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I use both sometimes at the same time, so feel free to talk to me on here or on FAB

@lunduke ok idc

@Jessica @bulaklak @gamer (FAB is down again)

@Jessica @gamer @bulaklak my last bag was like $20 and had a fatal flaw that the lappy sleeve was on the left so if you forgot to zip it up, your lappy would come crashing to the ground every time you forgot to zip and put it on

@ocean @0orpheus at least they didn't force the kinect anymore.

@kabute I have problems with that too, being a compulsive organizer is a pain. I end up being too overzealous or I don't care.
My mom also has a form of ADHD but she isn't nearly as organized as me

@tk oh god you put a 3310 in a case it's too powerful

>threatens violence against an autistic person
>cries ableism on someone else

lol ok. yeah you're a great ally @Jo really looking out for the little guy.


chromium is playing weird with vivaldi's password importing. had to install chrome (gross) to import them


@abloo but seriously trackballs with FPS games are amazing, especially thumb balls.

@abloo comfyevil playing games with a trackball... and liking it