Otana Nitodi fake_verified |

"verified” trans folf girl of fedi (mtf)
extremely dysphoric, so… please dont…
English and Spanish native
CEO of Friday Night Funkin' lyric posts
taking a break from Spanish Tuesdays
alt/old account:
blushing at *person*
*plz don’t hate me, even after all this time masking myself*

bye for now, i will now be here rarely

@Xalef ah, well that explains the "good day" part

@Xalef well that's an odd way of saying "fuck you, asshole"

@amnesiac yea but i'd probably still have the same style i do now

welp, i've now seen the Rush Hour trilogy, gotta say, it's pretty good and funny

@amnesiac i figured, but what the fuck do i know about it...

i don't think anyone's willing to buy my art.... even if i went digital, still...

the bad thing of being an artist in where i live: the only real time to draw is after everyone's asleep (between 11:30-12;30am)....

i dont want to.....

my youngest brother making me draw practically ever FNF character ever...

before i show the next batch of my chibified ocs, i NEED a tie breaker here

my little bro is fucking stupid...

"Please can i have a $5? i used my last one one on the Takis!"
bruh, yu have like $200, i literally only have $15....

Phil Swift voice
just fucking kill me

here's a different version of it *as an audio file*

Guns x Blammed

i need one to have less, just 2 need to be over

Winter Horrorland (b-side remix) x My Battle

imagine listening to the mashups i post

Nerves x Bopeebo (neo)