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quite simple
follows are welcome, I'm literally looking for conversation


Some people read the Bhagwad Gita, some swear by the bible, Personally I preach from The Unix Programming Environment

This user is ready for
the Skeleton War

he/him i suppose

@alex copyright law may need a total refactoring

@stevelord @julienxx Ah cool, wish it didn't have strange issues in stalling on my hardware, but my breif time in a VM was nice

2 booba or not 2 booba

y booba?

your mom straight

@Mitsu cook an omellet

@Mitsu cook a chimken

Any other pog enthusiasts on fedi not of the twitch kind but those who genuinely enjoy the word pog

It's official pog is part of the engish lexicon, now i just need a gun and the address to the oxford hq!

@emilis :( but you still love me ?

@solexid me doing yoga

@emilis okay love~

and we will take care of them together

@solidsanek oui oui baguette

@sjw this post is sponsored by private internet access

@coolboymew @lain The big mommy blinkers?