मीपर <3 |

(Your not so favorite sheep, now with a moustache!)

I'm a meeper sheep
sheeping meeper meep
life is meeping, I'm sheeping
you can meep my floof
shear me everywhere
life is floofy it's goofy

This account is a sinking ship,
It's a submarine!

"*slaps the roof of Meeper*
This bad boy can write so many shitposts."


"Damn, meeper looks like a chad"



Aight time to say goodbye

@absturztaube Microsoft Excel

@chjara that's... powerful

So bro... I saw your mom's dick and it was like sooooo big

@josh putting a giant watermark on your low effort stolen template meme is definitely very andrew torba

@jojo what?

@Stellar agummyglare no stel.. I think it's just you

The short way to say Kubernetes is “kates” and that’s pretty weird.

All systemd users are:

blobfoxsleep Catgirl transformation gas

blobfoxsleep Catboy transformation gas

blobfoxowonotice Foxxo transformation gas

why to slavic people all talk in that weird font?

@VD15 haha open internet, shut up farces

@overflow @VD15 he **is** the

RIP, King

@Mitsu gives mutsu the patsu

How is Richard Leibowitz still running?