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Baah, nya I'm the Meepsheep or am I sheep anyway have a nice day uwu~~
I'll probably get along with you unless you're pretty bad
Hell threads are scary

DMs are open feel free to *slide*

बुरी नज़र वाले, तेरा मु काला।
#nobot #ballos

mitsu is based

@Mitsu Meeting fedi freinds in canada

@tuxcrafting how did you not get sick of it and leave forever lmao

@tuxcrafting poggers

@jojo I can’t type I meant hectic

@jojo fine it was a little he ctic before then

@jojo howdy jojo

@Talloran yes. it’s been like 2 months

@tk tough love kiddo

@a1batross Sourceforge ui is total shit, like if they want adoption in 2020 at least make it easy to navigate expecially for gihub savy techbros

@boob It still has firefox sync

@boob waterfox is nice, but like it’s basically a firefox reskin with the old xul features added back

@absturztaube I do that rotuinely have you evered cd -Syu’d?

@whiteout We must stop this!

@vaartis Super Mario 64 but mario is just a homophobic asshole

So Long Gay Browser!

@tuxcrafting Joe Biden back at it again


@happymoomoo @theblessing @deadheat @georgia Oblvion Guards: “YOU PATHETIC WORM”