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I try not to identify with things, especially with base objects and I try to be anti cynical
I'm kinda edgy at times
If I act like an overly persistent idiot, then that's me trying to deal with my remaining social anxiety by doing the opposite of what it wants (sorry for bothering :blobcatscared: )
My official policy is promoting indian food. :bunsmile:
Sanskrit is a lovely language. 🐄
If you are lonely; get a cat and name it gentoo :blobcatpenguin:
If you think I'm bothering you feel free to call me out in a dm.

(fuck huawei tho) [I have the misfortune of owning a phone that I cannot root]

#btrfs #ballos #cavestory


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बुरी नज़र वाले, तेरा मु काला।

@igel @pasture I agree with this man, I will never subject myself to novideo

@pasture @igel Just use Tk-Glitch’s (or whatever he was) builds

@pasture @igel Don’t bother with it and just crack it tbh, or use windows nobody really cares that much aside from the memes

@igel @pasture

:( rip pasture

Tfw Frognite doesn’t work on linux becuase of some shitty anticheat

@pasture @igel If you want help cracking your legit version you can ask around in the /r/piracy and /r/piratedgames subreddit, people should help you there or just download a cracked copy from fitgril or something

@pasture @igel Yeah the steam version may have issues, you should crack it as igel said.

@igel @pasture Just install lutris It automates the tedious parts if you have a legit game

@igel @pasture Idk I used a pirated version tbh

@pasture @igel It worked pretty much perfectly maybe even had better performance

@pasture @igel Yes it works, I literally played it without any issue a few months


@igel @pasture I’m dissapointed

@Nonetrix doodoo

@Talloran English is basically 70% french tho, Switzerland and the Netherlands have a significant french population

@guus @tuxcrafting A headband doesn’t cut it?

Does German + French=

Swiss or Dutch or English

@guus @tuxcrafting The ‘not catgril feel’? dude you aren’t okay please get therapy how can you live with that?

@Nonetrix Wallop