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@kaikatsu @lain no i don't want anymore issues

@lain not anymore, sorry buddy


@kaikatsu you do what you gotta do

Almost a decade after it finished and people still talk about how Breaking Bad is one of the best shows of all time.

One year after Game of Thrones ended and people have quietly swept it's existence under the rug, never to be spoken of again due to its horrific ending.


yo i hear they bringing out that new pussy 2.0, shits got surround sound and heated seats

@kaikatsu you got the cash?

you @a_cat

the commission i paid for looks dope as hell she made me thicc

I can't believe that this shit works lmao

Dude scientists fucking suck, what the fuck has a scientist ever done for me? Pro tip, absolutely nothing.

Now the guy who works at Subway who gave me my sandwich for free when my card was declined, that guy is cool as hell.

lain has gotta stop using r9k

maybe the true way to defeat the wage gap is to sell our socks

@wizard quarantine turned me gay

I was in a call with @kaikatsu last night and they admitted that they didn't actually like China and were pretending to on the fedi to earn good boy points from commie goth girls

@tk no this will not do

That's it I am sick and tired of all these freaking people on my fediverse. They should make a fediverse but only one person can post.

listen all im saying is maybe time can go suck a dick