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@essie @nosleep i swear a majority of the people who post about ira shit aren't even irish

@essie you scots sure are a contentious bunch

@essie heroin



seems like psychologists during covid have just gone "yeah goodbye, you might get a call or something who knows"

shit fucking sucks

long story short im thick as shit

I went to Washington DC before playing Fallout 3 and when I was playing it I was like "Wait a minute this all seems eerily familiar..."

"the more of them you do, the easier you sleep" - Big Pussy talking to Chris about how a guy he killed is haunting him in his sleep

@lain the commie weeb extraordinaire

do i have the second pizza of the day?


@lain lets goooo

@orekix there isn't a second game, new rules because of covid

@orekix yeah i thought us getting smashed by 7 on aggregate was bad

it was you fredo

ronaldo would've never allowed a team to lose 8-2

messi doesnt have the goat mentality

@kaikatsu 3d disgusting