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Hi! I'm Rehn.
I'm an honest, indignant kind of guy living in southern California. I really like video games, cute anime gorls & bois, ecchi & hentai art, & cats. I post & repeat very lewd #nsfw images often, but all will be cw'ed. I don't think we have to agree on things, but let's try to at least get along, m-maybe? :blobcatheart:

2019/08/01 3:38:12 PM UTC

drew a crude little line art

glad that I somehow found the spirit to draw again

2020/02/13 2:08:56 AM UTC

@Mitsu @coolboymew so you'd rather clog up the sewer systems with goo!? :blobcatsad: In this case, you can recycle something natural & avoid impregnating weird monsters in shower drains! :blobcatopenmouth:

2020/02/13 2:06:37 AM UTC

@w41n4m01n3n oh hewwo, looks like there's an article I missed during the purge

2020/02/13 2:04:03 AM UTC

@Mitsu @coolboymew you're just jealous you can't make ice cube treats out of your goo as easily as us MEN can :blobcatSmug:

2020/02/13 12:11:13 AM UTC

@wizard I hope u have a cozy night :comfyaww: don't let too many things get you down. I know you'll pull through.

2020/02/13 12:04:55 AM UTC

re: I wish I had a gf rn...
@ZW748VSJSiwWMBLBct @georgia @kazuma @mewmew @steakwipe I'll only think about buying Mario Party on Switch if the new one is as friendship-destroying as the old Mario Parties were :blobcatsmug:

2020/02/12 11:55:30 PM UTC

re: I wish I had a gf rn...
@ZW748VSJSiwWMBLBct @kazuma @georgia @mewmew @steakwipe
But, wut about Smash, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Zelda, Astral Chain, Daemon Machina, & Mario? :blobcatdrool:

2020/02/12 9:55:38 PM UTC

@overflow ZERO.
That's right, I have been neglecting muh coomer duties. :blobcatoh:

2020/02/12 9:42:32 PM UTC

comfort food
#ドット絵 #pixelart