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I'm the alt account for
age 19

Pronouns: He/Him/They

Likes: Cats, anime, linux, cursed images, terminal/tui applications,

Dislikes: KDE, Microsoft, Google, DRM, JavaScript, survelience,

FAB is down again. Nice

FAB is back! blobcrab

this stupid engie picked up the sentery and is currently running away from the sentery buster

people in mvm is stupid

@puniko internal server error

@alex I'm working at a grocery store and might be able to take home 3 old desktop computers

GUYS. Not only did the datacenter go well, THIS MOTHER FUCKER GAVE US 3 SERVERS TO TAKE HOME.

@solexid uuhmmmmm


@Dee @Mae can't find the version with more colours, but you get the gist


Well FAB seems to be down
	 errors	 detail	"Internal server error"

Fuck thats a lot of dust

A very dusty cpu fan A very dusty air vent

It isn’t letting anything from my local TL load on fab

Husky is broken

What's up with the whole snap and flatpak support?
What size is your OS going to be if you run only flatpaks and snaps? 1TB?

Also, snap integrates with systemd? That's bad.

*localized stroke