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@aliasless It also leads to a serial lack of ability to dispassionately compare outcomes and learn from your adversaries. (disclaimer for any passer-by: I have no real love for the CCP but I am somewhat awed by how many of the *right* decisions it's making on a macro scale, in terms of economic direction, R&D, infrastructure spending, etc.)

@aliasless Yeah, economics is almost an irrelevant meme compared to how power structures are used and interpreted in a given societal framework. Failing to understand this leads to such bad takes as "the CCP isn't a communist party because of x, y, and z" when in reality the issue is a whole lot more complicated than that

@null Any in particular?

@null Which forum UX are you shooting for here? XenForo, phpBB, old vBulletin, small Japanese CGI scripts? Really, sky is the limit lol

(sidenote: XenForo was honestly comfy as heck for me when I used it, and their groups implementation was second to none)

@mewmew Many times.

@orekix blessed

@toyha @coyote @matrix In terms of package freshness: Arch (with AUR), NixOS, FreeBSD, and anything using current pkgsrc lead the pack. If you're willing to compile from source and/or use third-party repositories: Ubuntu/derivatives tend to have a wide availability of fresh packages and software compatibility as well. If you're interested in any of this: I would highly recommend checking out the repology index at

(disclaimer: I use Linux Mint 20 as my main distro (Ubuntu 20.04 derivative) mostly because I'm extremely used to the apt ecosystem and because a lot of software I use tends to provide binary packages only for Ubuntu and not any other distro)

@tuxcrafting VUE had better aesthetics tbh, at least with respect to colors

@purple Yeah it can be quite disorienting the first few times you use it

re: plover, birdshit
@icedquinn Yeah v/w is the substitution I would personally go with

@icedquinn @coyote @chuculate Cool stuff~
Also cool to see you're a kak user (I think?) from some of the other repos there

@icedquinn @chuculate Re: FL Studio, one of the big problems of it is that even if it was freed, it's written in Object Pascal (Delphi) so it had a huge dependency on Embarcadero's proprietary RAD tools which can't easily be exorcised in favor of FreePascal/Lazarus or whatever. This is also likely the main reason that it hasn't received a Linux port as of yet, Delphi has support for targeting Linux in recent versions but I honestly have no idea how complete that support is and you still can't run the IDE natively on Linux.

@georgia @chuculate I used it a little bit back when it was still a going concern, it was like magic some of the things you could do with it at the time. Really for me Mozilla died with Firefox 4 and it's been a zombie company slowly clinging on to relevance by posturing themselves as being "not Google" despite being Google's chewtoy ever since

@chuculate No actually, it was more like a CLI assistant for the web from 2008-9, can't really describe it better than this video does

@chuculate Mozilla shut it down because it shuts down just about everything the research arms do after a while. Remember Ubiquity?

@purple @null Late, but it would be wiring between floors. No simple matter of just drilling a hole and being done with it

@null @purple "also ethernet" tfw live in an apartment which basically can't have ethernet wired anywhere in it

@freon Yeah, Kylix was a real thing and not a lot of people seem to remember it (oh, speaking of which, apparently VMware supports all the way back to Red Hat 7, I may actually get the chance to run Kylix on a contemporary distro if I wanted to)

@freon "kept up with the times" kind of, it was mismanaged *really* badly in the 2000s and never quite recovered