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re: zipcpu transphobia
@tuxcrafting He's married to Jordan Peterson's sister as I recall

re: zipcpu transphobia
@tuxcrafting Doesn't even have to be that, you can have lobster daddy be your in-law, as is the case with Jim Keller

re: zipcpu transphobia
@tuxcrafting Amazes me that some in the field are still unironically like this, especially given the influence people like Conway and Wilson have had over it

@Terry ldr, same as a lot of people were using dating apps before the lockdowns

@wowaname @flapflap It's a colorforth reference I think

@promethea @abloo @jojo Oh damn. Honestly browser choice is kind of a meme for me, in general I'll just use the default on whatever platform I happen to be using (Firefox on Linux, Edge on Windows)

Actually yeah portrait mode owns

Oh and have a nice little bonus :)

@Craftplacer Yeah it's a bit confusing nomenclature, you get used to it after a while tho

@jojo Why not?

@abloo "how many levels of blasphemy are you on"

No more CRT for me, I'm living in the future now

Windows terminal doesn't play nice with high refresh rates, neat

@phoenix good shit~

anyone on fedi know of anywhere i could pick up some cheap blackfin dev hardware?

@orekix I see.

@wowaname @ebihara @mewmew @schmittlauch @sean I think you can find examples of at least "defy having motivations behind their actions" and "defy being reasoned with", but they're quite rare and in general I would say that it doesn't change my view on them or how I view the world. Actually having a good view of the world is a moral problem, not an ideological one, and being able to see people as they are and engage with them as they are is pretty much the cornerstone of that imho.

@wowaname @mewmew @ebihara @schmittlauch @sean Relative or not, I think it's a useful enough shorthand for the purposes of the discussion.

@nerthos @orekix @ebihara @schmittlauch @sean I don't buy the premise that the right is the *only* group which promotes these things, but it's certainly a narrative they love to spin and due to leftist infighting and grievance culture there's no serious response to it from them. I have more to say on this, but not here, not now.