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2020/02/17 8:50:42 PM UTC

@kick @igeljaeger He hasn't replied to my email chain in a few months, but I have the image still (APL.68000 for Macintosh).

2020/02/17 8:12:43 PM UTC

@newt @igeljaeger Also you can't blame the particular hardware problems I have on NVIDIA, AMD cards refuse to work with this CRT period and Intel isn't much better. The only OS/hardware setup that can drive 1600x1200x75hz on this monitor is Windows 10 with NVIDIA's binary drivers (hence why the owner of this computer ditched their RX 580 and pawned it off to me in favor of getting a NVIDIA card themselves)

2020/02/17 8:10:12 PM UTC

@igeljaeger @newt
>implying I buy hardware
>implying this isn't literally someone elses computer
Nice try, the only hardware I actually own in my own name is a MacPro2,1 and a ThinkPad X200

2020/02/17 7:50:50 PM UTC

@newt @igeljaeger Checks out. Also, I forgot the other reason I stopped using this install, which is that 2/3 of the time WiFi simply refuses to work and therefore I have no internet connection with it.

2020/02/17 7:14:10 PM UTC

@igeljaeger I use Windows 10 on desktop, because it's the only system that properly supports the weird setup I have. Also I have no problem with using proprietary systems as long as everything that's *really* important is done using free software (e.g. I would never entrust my servers to non-free software, and neither would I entrust my personal laptop)

2020/02/17 7:11:18 PM UTC

Booted back into my desktop Linux install for the first time in months

2020/02/17 5:39:53 PM UTC

@a_breakin_glass @vertigo Forth would have SP-Forth and Win32Forth (among others), Lisp would have Corman Common Lisp and Portacle (SBCL+GNU Emacs/SLIME) among others. But yeah the vast majority of the "good" dev tools on Windows are siloed off and commercial, to the point where it literally took Microsoft adding Linux compatibility to the operating system to get a good dev ecosystem for it.

2020/02/17 6:00:10 AM UTC

@georgia Guarantee you can't tie.

There's a disk image that'll work with SIMH; unzip it into a dir, cd into it, then run:

simh-vax780 v8.ini

Log in as root, there's no password.

tictactoe is in the games directory, I trust you can find it.

2020/02/17 12:49:36 PM UTC

Elitism in the Linux space, or any other tech space, irrelevant or not, has no place. Your job as a learned person should be to facilitate learning to people who want to do so themselves. I understand that there is such thing as a stupid question, and that many people are lazy when approaching their various lines of questioning in forums, IRC rooms and whatnot, however, we'd be lying to ourselves if such ignorance was exclusive to the blatant insensitivity it's commonly portrayed as.

2020/02/17 12:44:22 PM UTC

@ebihara suckless usually decides to make the source code the documentation as a sanity check. Of course, this doesn't work out the way they intend it a lot of the time and it's perfectly possible to have great documentation while still paring away complexity everywhere you see it (see: 9front)

2020/02/17 1:26:24 AM UTC

@ihavebigtits @cantinto Cast a wide net without having the time for it, my approach to friendship and drama respectively

2020/02/17 12:06:39 AM UTC

On my way back to Detroit, all I can say is that I'm eminently glad to be entering back into civilization with each passing mile

2020/02/16 8:45:55 PM UTC

@HarneyBA @igeljaeger @izaya The creator permanently sunsetted the project because he realized that it was never going to work out the way he intended and he moved on to more green-field research for a while before disappearing off the face of the computing Earth completely (source: was friends with the uselessd author back when uselessd was still a thing)

2020/02/16 8:42:04 PM UTC

@natalie @thatbrickster Ousterhout famously noted this as early as 1990, and I'm sure that there were older cases as well

2020/02/16 7:47:51 PM UTC

@lottev 2030: "Wait, there are people who aren't girls on the internet?"

2020/02/16 7:34:28 PM UTC

@natalie I was at some weird arcade yesterday, and there were 5 Daytona cabs back to back there. I don't even want to know how they pulled it off