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@icedquinn ... good tip. I actually do have a club store membership so I'm definitely going to see about eye exams soon(tm).

@icedquinn Definitely going to do zennis next, prescription glasses are a total racket from all I'm able to tell.

@icedquinn these cans are already pretty big, you are right about the new glasses bit tho. I haven't had mine replaced in... what... 6 years? Something like that?

@toast it's just barely pushing the edge of practicality for me (which is to say: there's a reason I haven't seriously tried this before)

@djsumdog My vision is fairly myopic and has been for nearly as long as I remember so it bothers me a lot.

@icedquinn No, but they're rather tiresome to wear for long stretches with my headphones. Generally speaking, I'd rather deal with the myopia than wear glasses if I can help it.

@icedquinn no but it does make the difference between "completely unreadable" and "everything looks like amorphous blobs but I can just about make individual glyphs out if I try hard enough"

Messing around with dpi scaling so that I can comfortably use the desktop without glasses, might also look into other a11y solutions depending on how effective scaling actually is

@knotteye @kantbot I lost it at the profile description XD

@dogstar @aliasless "in virtuality, pierce the veil of illusion"

@xj9 In terms of simplicity or....? I think at that point, you'd just be arriving back to the idea of a macro assembler more or less, unless you have something different in mind

@dogstar @aliasless Although now that I think about it, 幻想郷/acc and kig/acc both share the same basic premise in that they predicate themselves on blurring and cutting down the boundaries between the 'illusionary' world and the 'real' world.

@dogstar @aliasless I know what you're referring to, I just felt like being a bit cheeky~ ^^;

@dogstar @aliasless Gensokyo/acc?

@aliasless @dogstar waiting warmly until it is ready~

@chjara I can attest to the veracity of this statement, strange bedfellows and all.

@sathariel You just love to see it~

We larp in a society

Chistoids btfo

@lain woah based?

t. christoid