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@mewmew His Inferno posts are well worth the read, as well as, topical to this thread in particular,

@mewmew I forget, didn't I already tell you about his long-standing involvement with the Inferno operating system? His blog at is absolutely top tier as well, if you haven't read it already

@nik @freon Too many 2000s Japanese game strategy pages that could be lost to the sands of time forever otherwise (among other things)

@nik @freon I know I'd best get started on it sooner rather than later because of the publishers lobby.

@freon @nik What survives will be what we save, and it was always thus.

@freon Yeah, I've been in the habit of making new accounts every year for more or less this reason (along with making sure old drama doesn't get too close for comfort)

@freon Maybe make a new account for just those 6 then?

@freon I'd do it. If you've got nothing keeping you there, it's only going to be a good thing in the long run

@imightbite @mewmew @Epsiloco
That's rather a silly thing to assume~ ^^;

La Blopre Lunra
mi'e la kampa'i je kamvu'e ke se pevblopreta'u mlexli sonci SeilyrmĂșn!
i ai seka'i la lunra cu sfasa do!

@kragen @vandys @paul efifb might be good if you're looking to bring it up on bare metal. Actually, I think it would be kind of amusing to see a Forth take over and subsume EFI like this

@enigmatico @absturztaube Which Way Western Man

@normandy @djsumdog So was I. Really everything around the web seemed to be much more exciting then, chalk it up to the naivete of youth or whatever. I'd remember going to Chrome Experiments on library computers every day and seeing what new fancy things people were doing with HTML5, before they stopped updating the site as much and it just became a fact of daily life.

@djsumdog @normandy So did I. I was a huge fan of ubiquity back in '09 or so towards the tail end of it's lifecycle. Really, I was a huge Mozilla fan all the way up to 3.6 and then I started getting disillusioned at their "Chrome lite" direction afterwards.

@jorin mood tbh

@normandy Who remembers ubiquity

@aliasless Indeed. There's a lot to be said for someone who actually just speaks their mind, no matter the circumstance

Guys want only one thing...

@Epsiloco ; - ;