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2020/03/28 6:47:53 AM UTC

Decided to migrate my main to @allison and make a new Pleroma priv at @allison because of continuing site accessibility issues on

Feel free to RT

2020/03/28 4:03:30 AM UTC

So, a bit of an update on where things stand. I've been rather disengaged from fedi from the last week or so because of the dual bit of having to deal with some IRL medical stuff (nothing serious thankfully) from the covid lockdown along with being at times nearly unusable for me. With that in mind, I am considering migrating my main somewhere else, at least temporarily. Absturztaube is the obvious choice, since it's pleroma, I already have an account there, and it's also a comfy instance while still being free speech enough for my tastes. I'm also thinking of continuing my practices with Misskey alts and (lol) Twitter as well. If y'all have any suggestions or thoughts on this, I would love to know in the replies here. Also @mewmew , you've done a great job with creating one of the comfiest environments on the internet for now and all time, so please don't take this as a thing against you. I just need something different for a while.

2020/03/26 1:28:13 AM UTC

@kick Beautiful post! Also sorry if I haven't been logging in here much lately, lots of responsiveness issues sadly (if you want to get a hold of me, email is always reliable and I can direct you to my other contacts that way as well if need be)

2020/03/25 2:01:26 AM UTC

@lain So which will it be? Moranbong? Pochonbo? Find out next time on Lain Radio!

2020/03/24 5:34:41 AM UTC

@daya (also I didn't have the cash to burn, hormones are $$$$$)

2020/03/24 5:34:25 AM UTC

@daya Not forget, the VPS was hosed and I figured it wouldn't be worth recreating the instance from scratch.

2020/03/24 5:30:49 AM UTC

@daya Domain expired and the VPS did itself in. Sorry for not being more clear about who I was, but I was away from fedi for a while until I rejoined here

2020/03/24 5:24:32 AM UTC

@mewmew @daya I meant just the avatar lol, ofc I'm staying with you guys~

2020/03/23 3:50:18 AM UTC

@heavensfeel Art is inherently a reflection of the creative side of the self, in that sense, it would be irresponsible to yield it to any outside pressure unless you feel that would actually reflect better in your work.

2020/03/22 9:10:05 AM UTC

re: My favorite computing quote:
@kick The right priorities imo

2020/03/19 9:53:03 AM UTC

@tuxcrafting Between this and the GOP proposing yangbux lite, I'm fucking done. I thought the 2010s were absurd, but clearly I've seen nothing yet

2020/03/19 9:47:06 AM UTC

@tuxcrafting Literally, the big reason ksh lost the shell wars was because of the hold AT&T had on it's copyright.

2020/03/19 9:46:00 AM UTC

@kk Pretty sure there's some Twitter scraper in the awesome-osint repo that might be able to help you there

2020/03/18 9:50:28 PM UTC

@moonman @overflow Also because Sony was already *very* familiar with FreeBSD from various skunkworks research projects done a decade before even the PS3 or PSP came out. It was just the logical choice for them

2020/03/18 9:43:22 PM UTC

@matrix >they only found out about the dress repo *now*

Also many of them are trans, not that I would expect a paper even as relatively progressive as SCMP to admit that.

2020/03/18 9:27:39 PM UTC

@blobyoumu @a1batross Closest I can think of to a native Java implementation on 9 was the utterly ancient port of Java SE 1.2 to Inferno. There might be an ancient port of Kaffe somewhere as well, but yeah, vmx is really your best bet as Java on 9 is concerned (Alpine is as I recall well tested against vmx so you might want to try that if tinycore is giving you trouble)