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I hate you, Jeff.

Nothing like a good vacation through the country to make you forget to log in on the Fediverse.

Hope all you guys are doing well.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we like to call a Reddit moment reddit


Conspiracy theory: american and western communist were funded by Chinese communists to distract the western world's attention away from the abuses China was going to perform on Hong Kong via the BLM protests.

@Jack @icameheretoawoo
Why are you talking to yourself?

@djsumdog @crunklord420
40 years after the fact? Oh, I'm sure they'll have plenty of evidence. /s

One thing I haven't looked into, was Adam even over 18 when all of it supposedly happened? Cause if he wasn't, I imagine it makes things more complicated to prosecute someone for something they did as a minor.

@pasture @alex
For a second there I thought you were serious... That gave me a good scare.

I think piss won.

Daily reminder that: Nyan Lives Matter.

I guess I could vote no... but do you really want the german FBI at your door?

Progressives are the masters of hypocrisy. cirno_shrug

Yup. That's the one.

Unpopular opinion: there are probably more armenian genocide deniers in the world than holocaust deniers.

Depends by what you mean by "happen". And what you mean by "holocaust". And what you mean by "did".

Not gonna lie, I've only met a handful myself.