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I'm moving accounts again, this time to

Catch me there!

Does anyone else have recurring dreams of amazing used book stores packed to the brim with novels that you desperately want to read?

Fishy things arrived today.
A photograph of a box A photograph of a Darius box and a postcard A photograph of a Darius Switch box, a book, and arcade marquees and stickers A photograph of all of the above, plus soundtrack CDs and Switch cases


Welp, I'm a dumbass. I should actually test things before I make assumptions about their capabilities.

I bought a EuroSCART RGB cable for my Sega Saturn with CSYNC specifically because the RGB2COMP manual says that the only sync input is either CSYNC or composite sync. I already have a JP21 RGB cable with sync-on-luma. The CSYNC cable arrived today, so I tested it (it worked fine of course). But for shits and giggles, I tested my sync-on-luma cable as well to see what would happen.

It works fine.

My purchase isn't a total loss, because I do get to cut the JP21-to-EuroSCART cable out of the chain thanks to my new cable being EuroSCART already, but I really should place more value on empirical knowledge.

Holy shit. Speaking of shmup news, Jets n Guns 2 came out on Steam a few days ago. That game has been in development for like 16 years. I'm super excited to try it - the original JnG is perhaps the best example of a game that embraces everything that represents a Euroshmup (inertia, shop system, money system, overheating, lifebar, etc.) but somehow manages to still work and be fun.

@allison Oh the Elixir one is a complete shitshow. I'm not part of that one. I am part of Shooting Exchange, though, which is pretty good. Also, uh, I believe we might actually be acquainted outside of the Fediverse? Did you used to go on EFNet IRC as S*****re? (I'm asterisking out the middle letters just in case you have very good reasons for altering your alias)

@allison I should clarify that "PC release" in this case means a cross-buy release on the MS Store and Xbox One. I have an Xbox One X (mostly for Ninja Gaiden Black in 4K) so I'm okay with that, but that might be a deal-breaker for you. The game is also on Switch and PS4.

I don't really visit the shnupz farm anymore. I stick to a few IRC channels and Discord for my shmups news. The high score threads are good, but everything else is just a shitshow. It's like what happened to the forums as that system declined and the forumgoers slowly went nuts.

Sisters Royale got a quiet release on PC/Xbone a couple weeks ago, so I have been playing it. It's a lot of fun! Very much in line with the Shikigami no Shiro games (no surprise, since it's the same developer) but oddly has terrain effects like wind that blows you in a direction and ice patches that have ice physics. I wouldn't call it amazing but I'm having fun with it, and sadly non-doujin shmup releases are increasingly infrequent, so I'll take what I can get.

Is this joke too Canada-specific?

Why can't I buy beige computer cases anymore.

@allison @coolboymew There actually is a reason (beyond "because I can" which is admittedly part of it) - this is the computer I have set up in the guest room. This prevents them from being confused when presented with an operating system that they don't know.

@coolboymew Neither! I microwaved them for 2 minutes 30 seconds, left them sit for 2 minutes, and they were hot but edible. The temperature of fresh pizza.

Unsolicited review of No Name Baked Pizza Pouches: actually surprisingly good! On par with Pizza Pops. Dough is quite different, though - it reminds me of a McCain Pizza Pocket, but not horrible.

Spent a nice evening at the beach.

Finally, Linux as it is meant to be.
Screenshot from 2020-07-16 10-18-48.png

Update that nobody cares about: I have decided against migrating to Manjaro, because I took a look at all my PPAs and migrated a bunch of them to Flatpaks. I'm still mostly interested in having a system that Just Werks (tm), so this is a good solution for keeping things up to date without risking the issues that a rolling release has with its core components.


So I'm thinking about doing something stupid. Replacing KDE Neon with Manjaro. I'm looking at the increasingly large number of PPAs, locally-compiledprograms, and Flatpaks that I use to have up-to-date applications and I'm wondering if AUR would be a simpler solution.

@ocean @Main_Tomato There are plenty of proprietary games and other programs where the business model is apparent and sensible: the user pays money for the software. That is not the case with uTorrent. I don't think the problem is proprietary software in itself, but rather the business model. Proprietary software almost inherently implies that there's a business model in place, and if the financial transaction does not involve the user, then invariably they are selling the user to somebody else.

All that said, you should obviously choose the FOSS option if it is available, because you can trust that the business model won't pivot to exploit the user.