A. B. Such |

[în ba:jo] — here, i did pronouse in bio

@Nya @absturztaube @mewmew
new nya who dis

@eal * a board

@lain :::::BBBBBBB

@shpuld is markdown support switchable in admin panel?

@Jain "actually"

@Jain nice try, but i kno you acly big titty goth gf

@sir cargo install

@lain imagine be able to go to a concert

@hj they nerfed so much since the epic-store release, and that's in a PvE game!

@lottev @realcaseyrollins the point of creating was to have a small community of people within similar [age (gen-x), interests, social status, way of living], none of which included GNU-purists who would spend 5$/month on something other than VPS

@Nightingalle wow i didn't xpect unsigned reich to show up

wtf is this:
who put vbucks in my steam account

@hardbass2k8 @lain cant afford meds, only guns

@kaikatsu my finger slipper and got all lubed up and fitter itself in my ass 500 times it was just an accident

@tibike that's how javascript works :welp: