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Hi i'm replikvlt alt acc

"""personal""" website:
Currently run:
Distro: Alpine Linux | NixOS
DE: dwm / rio | xfce4
Utils: busybox / plan9port | gnutils

I love Plan9
Also i love C, C++, Java and yes javascript
Loving it doesn't mean i am good at it, and no i'm not just saying it like most out of depression, i genuinely mean it since i don't practice

Ask me anything you want straight away, i don't bite only nya

~blob youmu~

2020/01/18 3:05:33 PM UTC

@BloomingGardeng @rf по идее должно бьіть легче но не уверен.

2020/01/18 3:03:26 PM UTC

I'm gonna pin this on my profile.
i'm moving to @Stellar from now on i'm gonna put a redirect link on my profile. and in march the account will be gone with niu :blobcatsalute:

boost plz

2020/01/18 3:03:50 PM UTC

@nekojanai as in what makes the company he's a memeber of

2020/01/18 3:03:07 PM UTC

@nekojanai i think he is a clown. But so far i like what he makes. Electric cars of decent quality and good price. That SpaceX thingy internet worldwide

2020/01/18 3:00:45 PM UTC

@Ste1lar @ivesen @cdmnky dw, we all makes mistake. Ur lucky i saw this thread i already knew this coming

2020/01/18 2:58:59 PM UTC

@Ste1lar @ivesen @cdmnky u a baka, it's 32 bit or x86_32 or just x86.
Not 64 bit amd64 or x86_64. You have to recompile this app for your 32bit Atom CPU

2020/01/18 2:53:12 PM UTC

@Ste1lar @cdmnky @ivesen are you runnin it on that debian Atom PC?

2020/01/18 11:34:38 AM UTC

@NaiJi @Luchtspieg wen u run touhou in wine with vblank_mode=0

2020/01/18 11:24:44 AM UTC

@Ste1lar The rabbit takes about 20 naps a day

2020/01/18 10:52:45 AM UTC

@melezh @russian_mastodon @rf можно еще ето связать с matrix

2020/01/18 10:45:54 AM UTC

i have spent so much time using fedi, riot and searx that seeing software of that type with ads just feels weird for me