Banned Till When? |

personal website: currently down
Matrix handle: changed to -->
DM for any other contact like Telegram/Viber idk
pronouns master/master

@esheep morning is magnificent
It makes a start of another pretty day

@natalie oh right, well...
it's too bad it doesn't work with ploma chat

Does mastodon have chat?

@whiteout how much bandwith and disk space it needs blobcatsweats

>reflexively writes youmu instead of youtube

@overflow i'm sorry

@overflow with ur mom

Procrastinating phone cleaning.
I somehow filled those 64GBs

@tuxcrafting exactly

@blobyoumu "which gpu do you have i have an nvidia titan rtx"
"vendor 1234 device 1111"

@tuxcrafting where can i buy Device 1111 by 1234

@tuxcrafting gamer GPU

@Meeper @tuxcrafting apk add ./F-Droid.apk

@tuxcrafting yeah that and, you can install glibc, but it kinda defeats the purpose blobcatlul

@tuxcrafting Alpine Linux is based.
But mind that even though in my experience it worked nice as a main OS for like a month, X support is still unofficial