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2020/04/02 2:15:39 PM UTC

@moonman @overflow any linux with chromium, or well even chrome would do same or better

2020/04/02 2:11:18 PM UTC

@overflow no, this is deciding to get a electric bicycle that is considered bike and has to be registered over self assembled twostroke kit mounted bicycle

2020/04/02 1:22:57 PM UTC

@tk jumpers are not for running though, but with modification they might as well be adapted

2020/04/02 1:21:08 PM UTC

@tk also the important is technique of running, if you are going to do this professionally or overl long time, it is better to lear running utilizing muscles more than bones/joints.

2020/04/02 1:18:45 PM UTC

@tk no, asphalt is mostly made for cars anyways.
I say better shoes can make of for joint damage.
Just run in adecuate springy shoes rather than flat and hard ones