Banned Till When? |

personal website: currently down
Matrix handle: changed to -->
DM for any other contact like Telegram/Viber idk
pronouns master/master

How do I search for interaction between 2 users (including me) using pleroma search?

so none of misskey, mastodon, pleroma native interfaces work only bloat

hello from java opera bloat

and as a result I'm on windows 10 rn
it's the only thumbdrive I had

It was really really fucked, I suppose I'll never touch glibc ever again

Sooo, I failed to recover my Slackware install

@georgia that's the only thing I have on my emergency puppy thumbdrive

also this shit is fucked

and linuxquestions cloudflare died too,

I don't know how to unfuck it ;-;

I have fucked my slackware system up

posted from Epiphany that shits itself each time something visual changed (because of llvmpipe render lol)

Randomly made 1 in inkscape from 2 boxes in an Alpine Linux llvmpipe accelerated VM with GNOME desktop and custom MacOS like theme

@Craftplacer but my bottom hurts from them