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Hi i'm replikvlt alt acc

"""personal""" website:
Currently run:
Distro: Alpine Linux
DE: dwm / rio
Utils: busybox / plan9port

I love Plan9
Also i love C, C++, Java and yes javascript
Loving it doesn't mean i am good at it, and no i'm not just saying it like most out of depression, i genuinely mean it since i don't practice

Ask me anything you want straight away, i don't bite only nya

~blob youmu~

2019/12/12 12:10:24 AM UTC

I wonder, can pleroma be hosted on a raspberry pi zero?

2019/12/11 11:32:02 PM UTC

@mewmew @kick @mjc jokes aside i think it has to be actually lighter than mastodon

2019/12/11 8:59:52 PM UTC

@duponin @Epsiloco @esheep @nawi i meanperhaps it was tomato paste, i do not have Ph. D. In pizzas :D

2019/12/11 8:56:30 PM UTC

@nawi @Epsiloco @esheep i actually unironically like pineapple pizza with banana.
Also once i had chance to eat normal pizza with peperoni and ketchup and cheese and all but with pineapple.
I also liked it too. I'm weird :youmushrug: probably..