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I like puns and anime. I sometimes shitpost.
I try to make fun whenever I can.

Profile picture is #Alita

@Gamercat I won't blobcathuggies

@Gamercat I probably will. I need to recharge

@ahhhhhhInternalErr0r @icedquinn I'm very bad at not procrastinating blobcatgiggle2

@icedquinn comfyhug1comfyhug2 I'll be back

@icedquinn I spend too much time here recently and this month is very busy, so I have to concentrate on irl stuff.

@Gamercat off fedi

Should I leave? blobcatthink

🦔🔫 Süßzufall, Quelle: enakorin

@fluff recharging UwU blobcatdisputed

Jaja Ding Dong

I’ve not done a poll in a while. Let’s find out what side everyone is on!

blobcat vs doggoblob

coming out as an utter failure

@TransGal4872 I don't think giving birth as a male would be a pleasant experience

@TransGal4872 what's the point?

Isi and steph (and probably aety) are aliens.
Whenever they meet in a thread, they start talking in alien: fasdhjfahjwhfjdgjwhfjdhjafhjkfgjdadfjajHJJHDSGAHFDGHJSAGFDSJHFAHJWHJKFHDSAFDJSFJSDFSDHFJDFAWJHFJKDGJDHJ
blobcatalien blobcatpink