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henlo am fluffy blobcat

proud maker of blobcats such as
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serious people will be bullied. those who get mad will be bullied even more

do not talk to me if you are a minor
i do not talk to minors. sorry about that.
(no it's not anything weird)

alt of

I don't usually check this account so please contact me on fse if I don't reply here.


@stux if you are ever worried, just look at your bank account 😉

@kazuma @slimeblob it was great times tbqh

i left mostly because mewmew was getting dramas about how i was friends with cancelled people.

@slimeblob oh yeah i used to be really active actually

i love blobcats, i'm a huge fan. how could I not? I also run @fbi and a few others I will let you guess umu



goddamnit peeeeeeee
fix your shit peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

a blobcat on blobcat that isn't a blobcat

@RowanBerry @witchfynder_finder wow you play a lot of roguelikes. which are your faves?

Of these #Fediverse users, who is your favorite?

@moonman humph, i bet he sends that to all the girls

so what exactly did qoto do? did they put out an announcement or something? we already blocked them for other reasons


Hey friends. I'm struggling to pay my electric and heating bills this month, I am still waiting for my welfare money (four months now), and temporarily hosting my homeless friend is a drain on my already narrow budget as well. I'd very, very much appreciate if anyone had three Euros (or whatever currency) left to save my budget this month. I'll have to get a second job soon, anyway but that won't save me now.
Thank you... Souvka heart_nb

@papush @pie girls can't consent

>search for post on FSE
>server suddenly unresponsive
is there some bug with the search