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2020/02/23 9:11:48 AM UTC

this is now a memri tv posting account. glory be to allah

2020/02/22 12:10:44 PM UTC

@absturztaube einstein summation notation was a mistake

2020/02/11 7:44:34 PM UTC

@kazuma @Main_Tomato that's one idea. Probably will happen anyway, maybe even in our lifetime

2020/02/11 6:40:51 PM UTC

@kazuma @Main_Tomato i can't find that same article right now, I'll look through my archives when I get back to the office but maybe you will have more luck searching for it. It was by some human rights watch advocacy group.

2020/02/11 6:38:48 PM UTC

@kazuma @Main_Tomato stallman's blog posted a good one a few months ago. Come to think of it, I haven't seen that in a while, I suppose that was when pleroma broke compat with gnu social.

Just googling here is one.
> Because of this heavy reliance, agriculture experts say, a major effort to crack down on the hiring of illegal workers could disrupt the nation's food industry.
> ''This would really cripple the system,''

2020/02/11 4:19:54 PM UTC

@LennartMathiassen @kazuma make some money instead of reading about politics you doofus