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2020/04/02 4:54:25 AM UTC

honestly getting a 3d printer made me realize how indefensible patents are in our modern world

the modern 3d printing boom only happened in the last 10 years because stratasys's patent expired in 2009. imagine if open source 3d printers had existed for 20 years longer than they did, we'd have fuckin star trek replicators by now

2020/03/29 11:31:34 PM UTC

@cowanon Basically he's a turbo chad who dicked the girl in the pic (a time traveling android superweapon) so hard that she stopped being a psycho murderer bitch and became a hot tradwife. Definitely non-soyboy

2020/03/29 11:27:26 PM UTC

@cowanon He's the guy in that picture. They're Dragon Ball Z characters.

2020/03/29 11:23:10 PM UTC

@cowanon Krillin's literally one of the strongest humans alive, I don't think that's much of a soyboy fantasy.

2020/03/29 9:17:14 PM UTC

@cowanon Just watch yuri like a normal straight man

2020/03/22 1:03:50 AM UTC

@kaikatsu @lain @why When has Nintendo cared about any of their players?

2020/03/22 1:02:18 AM UTC

@kaikatsu @why @lain The Switch itself also requires a phone app for some online features like voice chat regardless of the game. It doesn't even have a mic, let alone a camera. It's hilarious how hard Nintendo was cutting corners.

2020/03/22 12:14:39 AM UTC

@moonman @sjw @lanodan @matrix @nepfag @p we are only going to lose if people continue to reelect terrible politicians. this isn't even a partisan issue because both of the parties support this kind of garbage.

this is the real "political correctness" that prevents politicians from doing what's right - if they talk against the bill it will be claimed they support pedos and most people will believe it.

2020/03/21 11:58:21 PM UTC

@sjw @lanodan @matrix @mewmew @nepfag @p just to be extra clear, what I am saying is this:

1. eventually the USA will make it illegal or legally risky for a business or organization to offer e2ee to users, if not this time than the next time, because the gvernment is strong and they are determined to do it.
2. don't rely on an e2ee amail (or whatever) service, that will never be safe.
3. encrypt your own email (or whatever) e2ee using free software that has that capability, using whatever service/channel paid or otherwise.

If they try to make it illegal for YOU to even just use e2ee, that's when you pick up your gun.

2020/03/21 9:28:04 PM UTC

@p @matrix @mewmew
The U.S. Government Wants To Read Your Messages...

The very little freedoms we have are being put under a microscope and slowly eroded, we have to make sure we do the proper thing. Thanks for watching! Like, ...

2020/03/21 9:43:00 PM UTC

@lanodan @matrix @mewmew @moonman @nepfag @p The worst part is that their trying to do it under the cover of stopping child trafficking. It's always "But think about the children!" bullshit. To add insult to injury they're trying to quietly do it amidst a pandemic when people aren't paying attention because they're more focused on not dying and trying to keep their loved ones safe. It's absolutely despicable.

2020/03/21 5:39:06 PM UTC

@kaikatsu This is why you get a job working for the death squads, instead of working at one of the shitty companies that hire them.

2020/03/21 5:19:30 PM UTC

@solidsanek my iq is 3000 so Im still a genius even with two less digits

2020/03/21 3:35:21 AM UTC

Democrats tryna kill their own base proceeding as scheduled. Anyone who would engage with either party is a cuck anyways so them dying is fine. As a centrist my brain is enormous and allows me to place myself above the meek who are herded into disease pits. The only crowded place you should go is the hospital, I've been walking around there licking implements and stealing needles to top off my health.