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2020/02/18 6:53:27 AM UTC

@dave @shebang Does this mean homosexuality can eventually lead a man to appreciate female asses, which eventually turns them bi? :blobcatthinking:

2020/02/17 3:09:05 AM UTC

@shebang Heads green with envy, but orange with pride.

2020/02/17 2:05:47 AM UTC

@se7en @nerthos I'm just a true OG, not a true OG furry. Miss me with that furshit.

2020/02/17 2:01:03 AM UTC

@PinhasLavon It changes depending on who's in power. Being a libertarian sucks, because the people on your side all hate you and will sell you out as soon as they're on the other side of the rope, and the people on the other side of the rope are always the ones with all the power.

2020/02/17 1:53:14 AM UTC

@mewmew but for a serious response: is there any way you could make staticfe toggleable/disableable? I don't like being brought to staticfe whenever I refresh the page or open something in a new tab or follow a link to, staticfe is really ugly and I can't interact with anything on it

2020/02/17 1:50:25 AM UTC

@mewmew Replace all blobcat emojies with blobdogs.

2020/02/17 1:20:02 AM UTC

@nerthos @se7en True OGs run furry porn discord servers where they can bully furries into sharing all their best porn for free, despite not even being furries.

2020/02/17 12:53:37 AM UTC

@shebang I always mix my fluoride free toothpaste with fluoridated toothpaste. That way, I get all the dental health benefits of fluoride, while still using fluoride free toothpaste. Alex Jones would be proud of me, the reptilians will NEVER be able to turn me into a gay commie frog.

2020/02/16 4:53:45 AM UTC

@Eidolon0 Truth. I've discovered that there is no bottom floor on the concept of "worse" lol

2020/02/16 4:50:16 AM UTC

Other girls: "Which one of these shoes matches my outfit?"

Me: "Which one of these revolvers matches my outfit?"

Ah, I wish I lived in a free country. Fuck you Canada.