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I identify as nonbinary. She/her is preferred, but I don't care about pronouns much.

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i hate accidentally boosting stuff on mobile while browsing
so annoying
I can unboost it but unboosting doesn't seem to federate

@kaikatsu but the best part of them was to portray them all as awful and your own as especially bad
eg all the libright ones being labeled genocidal slavers and pedophiles

@kazuma reminded me of "Every country in the world belongs to America"

@kazuma to be fair, Gilgamesh likes to dress in rather revealing outfits normally. It's one of his regular outfits plus a bra and an arm.
And that's when he bothers to wear clothes at all.

@kazuma Now that I think about it, I don't remember Angelica ever getting lewded. I guess that counts.

@kazuma Is it even possible to have a nonlewd Prillya?

@Loki @0x04 No. Not even Gardevoir. No pokemon should have boobs.
The ONLY exception I would be willing to make is something like a Ditto using transform, or a Zoroark using its illusions, to disguise themselves as human who have boobs. But, that's a pokemon pretending to be a human who happens to have boobs, and not a pokemon with boobs itself.

@Loki Boobs on pokemon should be illegal, go full feral or get the fuck out

>people are actually taking my hyperbolic shitpost seriously

> open a forum
> blank page
> of course it's Discourse
> unblock the 30 Discourse scripts
> still a blank page

I hate the current internet

@0x00 @lady19 It makes perfect sense. When you allow the government to pass laws, eventually they will pass bad laws. So obviously, all laws eventually lead to a dystopian nightmare and genocidal dictatorships. This is why we need to stop having laws.

@sylveon small dick tops are hot as fuck tbh, especially if the bottom has a huge dick

@sylveon We need more switch girls with dicks. In reality and fiction.

time for morning

@loliaword okay first of all technically this is hebephilia NOT pedophilia and secondly

☎️ dani​ helo im gay set to be squeaky!! he's the main series games, and indeed always has been! if she was twilight sparkle's cousin in fact they're quite excited to actually log into my nervous system with blackjack and sex workers
in fact, forget the twitter!

@0x00 @Jack @cirno I heard the real Moonman didn't want to be associated with nazi software like Pleroma. He may be klansmoon, but he's not a fascist.

@sylveon it just works.

"The truly excellent decayed production design betrays the shallowness of its inception. It has nothing to say, and yet, it will not shut up. [Joker] is a clickbait film. It is an anime music video. Enjoying it is tantamount to dudebroery."