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I put cats (and very ocassionally other cute animals) in your timeline

goodbye friends!

Kitty discovering she has feet

Now you know

@VD15 are you sure pogchamp isn't in the dictionary and or doesn't contain the semivowel y

@VD15 fuck

@VD15 i'd name a child anything that's not in the dictionary and doesn't contain a y

go to sleep, me

even the name cloudflare sounds ominous

cloudflare, solarwinds, skynet...
stop naming software after astrometeorological phenomena you hubristic fucks

maybe the surrealness of shitty warbly late 30s early 40s swing recordings is what i like about some vaporwave... and why i prefer glenn miller as far as aesthetic goes though i recognize duke is more dynamic and original

why am i still beating myself about an internet randos opinion smh

@bloodmasked i was referring to them being judgemental not you, but gamer words don't make you cool bro

@bloodmasked judgemental autists are the worst autists

@abloo fediproxy shit the bed

when you read a wikipedia page and realize someone who judged you for your plebian opinion was just regurgitating the view of academics relayed through anonymous contributor

@waltercool @VD15 @deviant someone make a poll

@realcaseyrollins lift her up!

@VD15 @deviant it's not just the chests, the thighs wouldn't be that big in real life given her skinny face and arms

@VD15 @deviant that's better but still i want it to look natural

i wonder if netscape netzsphaere will be back up come daybreak

@VD15 @deviant magic is stored in the boobs