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I made Pleromabox: a tool to download Pleroma timelines in to your local maildirs. Why? So you can read posts with Mutt :cirno_shrug:

Ex-libertarian. Now i'm just in it for the sweet cash and recreational nukes :blobcatancap:

The ginger elf with the cold, dead heart.

guess i'll go boil some water and see what the next thing i can pull of the task board is. blobcatsleepless

time to make a competitor to the thinkcentre line of desktop workstations.

i'm gonna call it "brainlet."

@Philoxenus @nosleep worse, proprietary fork thereof.

cofe would be great right about now blobcatnotlike

@volpeon this is one of those things linux is nice about everything else has gone to shit about.

"i will update you when i damn well feel like it!"

although i had opensuse try to reap btrfs snapshots during the workday blobcatpolice

@pasture seems to show up in a lot of smart home stuff. i poked with it a few times but didn't have a real need for ITTT workflows.

@pasture that's a funny way of spelling node-red blobcatlul

krita, drawing continued adventures of the custom charcoal brush blobcatadorable

@Rasp elf ears cirno_think

@Philoxenus @Terry

> carried on rats
> no it was the lice that lives on rats
> things that lived on small animals


blobcatphoto quinn you are retarded but you are also basically correct


@Philoxenus @Terry wasnt that carried on rats bunhdlurk

it's actually just yet another swipe left-right game youmusleepy

ah yes a game blobcatwhatsthis
it is a cyberpunk game blobcatwhatsthis

it is an iphone game ported to pc blobcattableflip

@Terry what is a roman bathhouse bunhdgoogly

@swiley i should get off fedi. have to grind out an income to be allowed to have friends blobcatdunno

@moth @11112011 meat and vegetals comfynom