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2020/02/17 10:33:28 PM UTC

@sylveon mfw not using recovery emails :blobcatsweats:

2020/02/17 10:31:31 PM UTC

@sylveon 2FA is usually a sly way to mine more information about you more than anything.

The way to do it correctly is to expose a secret over a secure channel (ex. the QR code via SSL) which is entombed in a completely separate physical device. Any method other than this is data mining.

2020/02/17 10:29:48 PM UTC

self medication :blobcatscience:

2020/02/17 7:12:20 PM UTC

what if we just let the colleges burn and reframe the business programs so you only get your sweet tax evasion creds if you're actively apprenticing new workers.

2020/02/17 2:39:21 AM UTC

re: bdsm test redxux
@kazuma *toggles* :blobcatscience:

2020/02/17 2:37:32 AM UTC

necroscope actually nuked his youtube channel :blobcatsad:

2020/02/15 10:30:39 PM UTC

psychology tropes
welcome to the era where you are never allowed to talk through problems because everyone just wants to compete for victim points.

brought to you by actually trying to talk about feeling unstable about something and instead of empathy just being dogpiled with reasons why i'm invalid.

2020/02/15 3:21:34 PM UTC

"that's what he was indicted for"

but what was he actually convicted for :blobcatglare:

2020/02/15 3:15:23 PM UTC

october faction, netflix
70% wokeness, 20% oh no white people, 10% actual metaphysical drama.

yea, i'd cancel that. :blobcat:

2020/02/15 3:16:39 AM UTC

@alcinnz @cwebber @freakazoid didn't elm walk away from all that in more recent versions?

2020/02/15 3:14:44 AM UTC

@alcinnz @cwebber @freakazoid subscriptions are usually just the notifier chain.

FRP tends to include a more functional flair where you can put filters/maps on event streams themselves and chain some common pre-defined behaviors together to get the events you want.

2020/02/13 10:09:32 PM UTC

"the hole's only natural enemy is the pile!"


2020/02/13 4:53:10 PM UTC

@alexandria emerging developments :thinking_cirno:

2020/02/13 9:39:47 AM UTC

> setting fridges to -270C

please do not touch the booze the cold ones will give you instant frostbite.

2020/02/13 9:35:30 AM UTC

@igeljaeger @Cranmer thats because europe is dumb and full of nanny states 🦅

2020/02/13 9:30:54 AM UTC

@igeljaeger @Cranmer time to get a better country that doesn't have stupid anti-speech laws :blobcatscience: