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2020/04/02 5:31:43 AM UTC

@deadheat @cirno @orekix @shampoobottle there is a breakover size where once you get big enough the banksters take notice and you ban what they tell you to or else you get 8chan'ned off the internet.

its always about the money and our money is deeply corrupted.

2020/04/02 5:24:55 AM UTC

@onymous @strypey ActivityPub seemed like an okay protocol.

2020/04/02 5:22:58 AM UTC

@mewmew why are al the cats red :blobcatthink:

2020/04/02 5:15:05 AM UTC

@cirno @deadheat @orekix @shampoobottle tl;dr people didn't hate teamspeak its just discord got VC money to soak the cost of the servers so pubbies didn't have to, which made it cheaper for bankrupt youtubers since they didn't have to spend their 2$/mo ad revenue on a server anymore and now that the venture capitalists have come calling for their returns on investment the admin staff brings in all the warm and bad policies.

2020/04/02 5:13:17 AM UTC

@orekix @cirno @deadheat @shampoobottle not to mention the rules for the club are arbitrary as usual. furries get more clearance 'cause the admins were furries. everyone else gets more scrutiny because why not.

overwatch gets cool clubbed but final fantasy doesn't. and they claim "oh the word 'retard' showed up too much in your logs" and when the mods said the overwatch room has consistently more negative sentiment (and even more instances of 'retard') they were just told lol decisions are final.

2020/04/02 5:11:40 AM UTC

@orekix @deadheat @cirno @shampoobottle yep the usual is to mark some rooms exclusive to a patron role and then the club members (Patreon) get special integration and the non-club members (SubscribeStar) have to have proxy bots to fiddle with the role.

I didn't necessarily have problems with Discord until they started the cabal/cool club bullshit. like why does patreon get special integration and others don't? and why do ONLY "official cool clubbed" servers (partner) get announcement channels? shouldn't the community get to decide which servers they want announcements from ๐Ÿ™„

2020/04/01 12:00:34 PM UTC

q and doom (cont'd)

oh look, as usual the government wants to spy on you BUT DOES NOTHING TO PROTECT ANY OF IT

The app has come under fire for demanding broad access to device settings and transmitting personal data without encryption.

2020/04/01 11:57:08 AM UTC

q and doom
world> all pretense of civil liberties successfully terminated indefinitely by a pandemic window that is constantly being extended. situation literally worse than world wars or the black death.

q> w.. we're winning guise!!1


2020/04/01 6:07:45 AM UTC

wow i remember back in the day there was all kinds of fun stuff on usenet. today it's just heaps of dead links.

2020/04/01 4:29:27 AM UTC

i see now why the usenet places were wanting their users back.

most of the content is gone :blobcatlaugh:

2020/04/01 2:45:10 AM UTC

> cinemas are now netflix restreamers with popcorn.

2020/04/01 2:43:29 AM UTC

@strypey @onymous They don't seem to care about protocol flaws.

If you see places where people have brought up issues (ex. the conversation on deniable messages) the answer is usually to just say "we don't support that" rather than address the problem. :blobcatshrug:

2020/04/01 12:42:46 AM UTC

@lanodan its still around; i just had to migrate to python out of pragmatism.

2020/04/01 12:35:54 AM UTC

@lanodan Jokes on you. Writing perl is its own punishment :blobcatcooljazz:

2020/04/01 12:33:27 AM UTC

Still using Python2 :blobcatno:

Using anything else :blobcatyes:

2020/04/01 12:30:40 AM UTC

silly concept, piracy
what if we just had a site where you could buy a license to have copied a file but it doesn't actually deal with getting the file to you.

it could be a cheap way to ex. pay for anime you've already seen and it wouldn't cost rightsholders much since everyone else is already paying for the distribution.


2020/04/01 12:23:31 AM UTC

@onymous @strypey Because there's more web bootcamps now than there are desktop code training. So everyone and their dog uses Node+NW.js/Electron to ship web apps as desktop apps.

There's nothing per se wrong with Javascript and crypto code. It will just be slower than native code. WebAssembly can regain some of this speed (I do like WebAsm in theory) and NW.js/Electron let you call out to C which lets you recapture the speed there too.

In this case the problem is they did not understand the need for enveloping, which is a problem that you could have made in any language.