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Transhumanist. Ice queen.'s designated ginger.

Generally considered to be a terrible person.

Migrated to after's death notice.

i literally cannot handle the retardation anymore good night fediblobs.

> man it sucks so much that my dream waifu makes me do kinky shit for longer than i sometimes want

blobcatglare why are you telling me this i have literally no sympathy for you seriously what the fuck is even the point of this?

you're comparing a life of non-affection to "sometimes my kinky wife which almost nobody can get in the first place makes me cum too hard"

good god people are retarded.

inverse quinn world i would just steal from work all the time and if i got caught i would just say "oh sorry" which would then socially obligate the business to forgive me because not allowing people to do whatever they want as long as they say they are sorry makes you the bad man.

> i want you to trust me again but i won't commit to doing anything to earn it


man i wish i could get away with so much of the bongo shit people try to pull on me.

blobcatgoogly i made hornt decisions and now bad thing hurr woops
blobcatglare [malfunctioning sex drive quinn] don't make horny decisions they're always retarded.
blobcatgoogly but i like to hornt.

@thor used to.

if you're young and not diabetic you can run off to the military who will train you with some skills and get you a job and i've seen plenty of people be able to pivot their service record and connections to jobs after retiring out.

if you're diabetic that's not an option so you're sentenced to the luck route where you just sorta blobcatshrug until god stops shitting on you.

literally just sitting here while someone rambles on about their terrible childhood but it's all fine now because they have their dream spouse and all these friends and i'm just like

"yeah, military or luck, that's always how it goes. why are you bothering me with this?"

@pie get out of toilet blobcatglare

@wyatwerp implicit buttons you just register a matcher function in a table, explicit buttons are a little more blobcatthink

there is a per-directory file that associates a meaning to <(fuck)> and then action inside that will look up the action in that file and run it. so everyone can have their own fuck-handler.

they made a big deal out of putting these buttons in like, e-mails and stuff. i imagine if you're in an environment that supports it, you probably could use buttons and links like this in emails (ex. including a kotl link to a file in an nfs share.)

@wyatwerp kotl is a little more interesting after reading about Augment.

its kind of a "who cares, i have org-mode?" but then the augment papers make a better point of it. in org you have headlines and only headlines really "matter," while in augment each paragraph is a "statement" and you are meant to link to specific paragraphs of documents.

i guess you can just make every paragraph a heading in org. that would be kind of close. would have to make sure your stylesheet isn't making headlines all big though.

@tuxcrafting no i mage.

how will i firebolt blobcatangry

@toyha @coyote @matrix for desktops you need to upgrade to Edge and enable community and testing repos. this will get you most of the software (it even has like, ardour, although not all the lv2 stuff.)

@coyote @toyha @matrix alpine with a custom jiggled install on top of btrfs here. blobcatbox

re: plover, birdshit
i can now type a single word Uencs/CPiepzs blobcatgoogly

re: plover, birdshit
@allison i think i'm maybe the only person actually using Michela in English blobcatlaugh at least with plover.

it came with a dictionary for italian.

re: plover, birdshit
@allison ended up keying it as "UEL/KOM" but we'll see if it sticks

re: plover, birdshit
Or, hm. U-ENCS maybe. (theres a U E L)