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Rules for posting: keep your platitudes to yourself, and don't bother me with your "cope with being alone inner happiness blah blah 3 hour youtube series." you wouldn't walk up to a hobo and tell them to embrace squalor. Kay? Ok good.

I made Pleromabox: a tool to download Pleroma timelines in to your local maildirs. Why? So you can read posts with Mutt :cirno_shrug:

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based heinlein posting blobcatcooljazz

@xyfdi we don't have cobalt yet comfymelt i did drive around on a shitty car with an ore detector near the end of the session though.

@xyfdi it wouldn't be so bad with the script block. i had tested using the mouse aimed turret script with mining on a turret that was pinned to the ground. it worked ok.

similar abuse of landing gear seems like it would be neat. but my tires kept not being able to grab anything which was a bit hmm.

i don't know how people tend to put up with planetary survival in this game blobcatshrug2

@xyfdi yeah i had built it with a turret for mining and learned all our mods and settings were lost in the great crash.

i had to control it scriptless with the shitty vanilla controls for rotors and pistons. it got stuck blobcatpuffytears


space engineers large grids look comically large. watching someone building a large rover with one and it's like.. the tire alone is the size of a small building.

they've got it all wrong: just make being killed illegal and that way nobody will get murderred. blobcatthinksmart

@TheMadPirate there are some of these laws that are just like.. there to help prosecutors rack up more points. i remember reading people were mad ireland didn't have hate speech laws and they were just like

blobcatshrug2 either its illegal or its not its not double illegal sometimes

@aven there was a photo but blob ate it

i made a shitty space car. it was supposed to help dig holes but that did not work so well and a lot of time was spent recovering it blobcatgoogly

cc @aven

@sev @aven server is not responding thinking_cirno

@sev @aven ah yes, klang. the game's god of problems.

@sev @aven oh. i was working on getting a tiny car up to pick up aven but m a t e r i a l s

@sev @aven are spaceblobs doing space things

@sev @aven earth atmosphere is breathable how are you suffocating blobcatadorable

@sev @aven
> cosmic coffee

there was a mod i saw in a lets play where you have to eat food, and he was making soykaf.