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I made Pleromabox: a tool to download Pleroma timelines in to your local maildirs. Why? So you can read posts with Mutt :cirno_shrug: (MPL-2)

Ginger and ginger aficionado :blobcatthinkingsmirk:
Cold, dead heart. The ice elf :blobcatglowsticks:

Amateur terrible person.

RIP ->

halo was one of the best FPS games for two reasons:
you could beat the enemy team to death with their own flag pole
you could get in vehicles and drive around with the flag hanging off your back

@VD15 all my siblings are dead blobcatsadlife

@VD15 does that mean incest is "locally grown" in this set of metaphors blobcatwaitwhat

the only game where getting a boob job lets you slow time blobcatderpy

@emilis @galena @lain @pony @shpuld beat them to death with the flag pole on the way out blobcatthinksmart </halo>

@emilis @galena @lain @pony @shpuld capturing the flag is how you win blobcathyper

@VD15 Cyberspunk 2069 is what he said. comfyfingerguns


This is gold 😂


@galena @emilis @lain @pony @shpuld objectivist, some very bizzare offshoot of libertarian/capitalist.

@caskd bonus points for using REXX, the forgotten scripting language.

youtuber be like "come on man i can make better porn titles than that!"
sensitive media
cyberpunk xxx parody 2077 (tattoos, no nude)

i kinda do like this color scheme pywal generated but the lights and darks need an accessible contrast difference blobcateyes

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> here is something you'll never hear in a waffle house: "great job cleaning up!" -- jim gaffigan

@coolboymew @ocean @Moon FEMA has a disaster scale called the Waffle House Index.

  • If the Waffle House is open with its normal menu, there is no disaster/nothing big enough to be concerned about
  • If the Waffle House is open but they’re on a limited menu, a disaster has occurred but has not proven catastrophic.
  • If the Waffle House is open but only serving basic items, they’re probably using generators and their stored wells of water because infrastructure has broken down.
  • If the Waffle House is closed, the disaster is completely crippling.

@mystik @arzachel
> the aliens work for the CIA
well. that's a new one.

@hj high risk shit salesmen.