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@georgia @oxblood I can see that reading of it, though I think it's easily interpreted one way or the other.

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood i can see that perspective, but i really personally find it hard to put moral values on things that aren't actions with bad intentions

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood maybe? wikipedia explicitly barrs pedophiles from contributing so we don't get to hear their voices

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood i can kind of see his point, and i would imagine your edits got reinstated since wikipedia is explicitly anti-pedo

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood i get that, and i really hate that whataboutism when one person's struggles are used to talk over another person's

@fluffy @georgia @oxblood uh, the top guy i think is james cantor: and they have some good papers out, you can read some online but i think cantor's current working theory is that it's brain wiring issues and he's shown MRI scans linking pedophilia to less gray matter

@fluffy @georgia @oxblood i'm probably rambling but i also am not quite sure what you mean by normalizing it- do you mean like saying it's ok to touch kids? if so, agreed. but if you mean agreeing to stop treating people badly for being wired wrong then that seems less like normalizing and more like ... we're the baddies? because we're the ones treating people badly instead of searching for humane options or balancing things as a society by having laws or due process around this. if we want to presume guilt, shouldn't there be a way to appeal it or something like that?

@fluffy @georgia @oxblood i'm aware of a few, they're on twitter and talk about it often. it's often done on sex offenders or anonymous studies. i wouldn't see why they'd be barred from a university for doing science?

@fluffy @georgia @oxblood with a good chunk of articles talking about how homosexuality acceptance is normalizing pedophilia

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood like to be clear i'm not saying the act of pedophilia is ok but i'm extremely interested in the concept of 'normalizing pedophilia' (aka not shunning people attracted to kids for existing) being harmful since all the articles i can't find on it are right-wing scare articles and not anything that lines up with what sex researchers say or suggest to do with this tpoic

@georgia @fluffy @oxblood what harm comes from normalizing it exactly? do you have any links to studies?

goodnight everyone that don't ask me to call them daddy
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@mewmew @oxblood whew, that was a tough fap but i did it

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when i use the toilet i stare directly into the webcam

@Elfie uh sure, see you?

@Elfie sometimes but consistently white people tend to say dumb ideas