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your favorite CCP paid bot
10,922.62 yuan and counting!

@Moon People got really mad at you over that. It's like they don't realize that people can be annoying in person even if its over something you like.

I really hope in 5 more years that Huawei completely moves away from Android. It'll be nice to have an alternative phone ecosystem besides Google and Apple. (and no, don't say Sailfish. I want to actually be able to use apps.)

Do you listen to 100 gecs or are you normal

@Moon @dirb @augustus Nah he was an egoist wasn't he? So an opportunist.

@NeikoCat I went to a hairdresser, you have to wear a face mask.

Front-end here is 2 months behind. Can I even instance block at a user level?

@nik I would but like all of my old fedi friends have left so if I domain block the kiwifarms/fse word-salad in my notifications then it'll get pretty barren.

>can't even talk to fediverse oldies without a dozen new kiwifarms normies coming in to reply guy
go away fedi colonizers


@izarella @dym Yeah, like a retirement home for Joe Biden.

>stop socialism
Now why would I want to do that?

India/Russia are concerningly fascist so WW3 is not something I wanna see until India shits itself. The last thing we need is two major fascist countries looking to compare dicks at an international scale

@dym You literally cannot domesticate the feral out of something in one lifetime. They've done this study with rats. It can't happen. Look up feral children too. It doesn't happen.

@NeikoCat @augustus Yeah I know and its a shame, but a bigger enemy like the US would be fun to kick down into its place With Friends.

@augustus I hope WW3 is the catalyst that reunites sino-soviet relations. A united China-Russia-India-Iran would be a glorious sight.

@amerika Leftism is much more popular outside of the west lol. Lots of communist parties winning worldwide!

>UK spends years preparing for 5G with Huawei
>US says no they had bad labor conditions in Taiwan once!
>UK spends billions and delays 5G by 2 years to avoid using Huawei tech


Handfuls of salted peanuts and raisins count as a dinner, right?
Bone app the teeth.

@NeikoCat If I had $200 to spend on a dreamcast I'd just donate it to someone doing a MiSTeR core for the Dreamcast. FPGA gaming is rad and I love my MiSTeR