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they/them or he/him

2020/01/18 8:08:14 PM UTC

wikiFeet is the Library of Alexandria of our time.

2020/01/18 8:04:18 PM UTC

@pea @Olivia Women give their feet away to chads and little beta orbiters like you have to pay. That's why you gotta join the red pill bro

2020/01/18 8:03:36 PM UTC

@Olivia It's too early in the morning for me to commit to a shitpost about reverse image searching this

2020/01/18 8:02:23 PM UTC

@danielhglus The Living Tombstone - Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Song

2020/01/18 8:01:00 PM UTC

@Olivia Listen here femoid. The feet pics. Send them.

2020/01/18 7:59:26 PM UTC

I don't have any nostalgia around this song I just think it slaps

2020/01/18 7:29:22 PM UTC

@moonman I feel the blisters from reading this.

2020/01/18 7:23:52 PM UTC

@lain I couldn't even commit to going to class

2020/01/18 10:08:20 AM UTC

A short poem I wrote about my rats.

*clears throat*

Bitches be pissing.

2020/01/18 10:07:56 AM UTC

That Friday went by too fast

2020/01/18 9:14:42 AM UTC

I'm surprsed at how well my rats get together, they cuddle like they came from the same pack.

2020/01/18 8:53:22 AM UTC

"MarkDown isn't designed for creating HTML"
Sounds like a feature to me.

2020/01/18 8:42:14 AM UTC

@mewmew Lol mewmew look its baby Yoda but he has a heart in his hands

2020/01/18 6:07:04 AM UTC

"Ad Blockers — creating paywalls and destroying free content since 2006"

Gonna cry? Piss your pants maybe?