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"don't spill your semen, it will depower you and Lucifer can smell it and use it to crawl up it your butthole and make you do crime".

the way i spent weeks learning how to shift just to go to dream smp then got called a slur by schlatt :| :|

like its honestly so triggering bc i literally cant watch dream smp content with him in it now...

straight people

the cooler straight people

boys are so cute... i wanna hug all of them... blobcatreachmelt

social animals (including humans) interacting is the actual best

i'm so glad we live in a world where we can have human and different species friends and different species have their own non-human friends

Lmao Starlink forbids you from using the internet in sexually explicit ways

reasons I miss tumblr

I think there's a real market for NFTs of gender

Ben Garrison cartoon, cringe
y'all got your tickets for the vaccinated only tran-station? comfycool
sensitive media
"Woke Disney" by Ben Garrison. sorry, you will have to find an image description elsewhere, it's too much

@koz_ross a lot, yea

certified titty boy

top 10 femboys
1. the boy reading this

what do i want to do today....

anime girl in a blue dress and a flower in her hair with a harp sitting on a rock face

sparkly rainbow colored background

dream job? sorry, i don't dream of labor.

ah yes, my favourite

screenshot of some pokemon game showing gender field being filled with garbage data

oh, you're a materialist? name all the materials.

Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces new editions of public domain ebooks that are lovingly formatted, open source, free of copyright restrictions, and free of cost


Foxes are not cats. Cats are liquid, as has been established due to their ability to fill the form of any container. However, foxes are superfluids, as they flow up and over the edges of the container.



trying to transplant some stuff today. it was hard cause i put too many seeds in each seedling planter, but hopefully they survive!

sensitive media
A picture of slightly sad looking beet, carrot, tomato, and pea plants spread out between 2 raised garden beds.