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dating the qtest neko
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actualky this is pretty fucky in general

maybe i'll try again in a few months when things are more stable

@shebang i mean yeah that's what happens when you let murderers go free for decades and the state won't listen to peaceful protests

i'm like really surprised you're against this

@shebang who what where

whatd we do again

us pol, protests, donation links, :boost_ok:​

no stream tonight, i don't think it's something i want to do right now

if you're able to attend a protest, please do. please be as safe as you can and do your best to protect your identity and the identities of those around you. use water for teargas. if you're white, listen to the black folks around you rather than doing your own thing. this isn't about us

if you can't attend a protest but are able to spare some money, lookup your local bail fund and see if you can know anyone on the ground who could use some cash for supplies

here's a couple places i've donated to:

if you can't do either, it's understandable. just do your best to support your communities, specifically the black folks in your communities

and fuck every cop everywhere

im mad about some of this protest discourse

hey, if you're shaming ppl for not "being out there," fuck you.
if folks are not able to safely participate in demos, don't make them feel even more disconnected and guilty.
diversity of tactics still applies here. nobody needs a hundred newbie white anarchists getting shit muddled up cuz they felt bad about not being "part of the action"
disabled people exist. mentally ill people exist. would you rather me go out and get hurt, possibly put into psych detention again, or stay home and help pass information and funds to those who are fully prepared and able to interact with the cops? fucking hell


muting domains crashes tusky every time

do there really need to be boosts on the federated timeline by random people?

like it's already crowded enough

lets go mute some domains :3c


the sky looks pretty

>gets up to follow people easier
>forgets and plays minecraft
>decides to go lay down to watch some minecraft guides
>here now

so many people to follow..


im gonna nya

@kazuma Kazuma! The posts so nice posts them twice!

@a1batross lmfao rip its so sad

why does everything double post on the timeline?
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