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2020/02/24 8:05:25 PM UTC

although the average person has too many desires

the desire to be angry, the desire to feel happy, etc.

i see it in myself all the time - fake emotion that's real

like learned helplessness, learned depression, learned anger

you stop and you know and you love and you hate in equal measure

you want everyone to die because of their crimes because of their sin because of this upholdtion of this system but you want no one to die you want to love every single person

love and hate as deep as the ocean - is that what god feels

sentience is a curse, it's shown in every major religious text

everyone has known since day one

2020/02/24 7:53:49 PM UTC


ik but theyre right

i remember ram dass asking about all these people who would come to the temple he was in to bring the temple food and he was like, "why don't they help the folks nearby who are dying from a famine? why us?" and his teacher said "don't you realize this is perfect? theyre being release from their suffering sooner"

the abolition of desires isn't perfection as much as it's claimed to be - morality dies in the absence of desire

2020/02/24 7:48:16 PM UTC

what if i changed back to the classic icon?

what then?

2020/02/24 7:44:45 PM UTC

gil and arjuna are the exact same except if you gave arjuna a headpat he would start purring and if you gave gil a headpat he would dig his claws into you making sure you didn't leave until he was satisfied

2020/02/24 7:34:49 PM UTC

sneaking into polling locations not to tamper with results but just to draw swastikas over the appropriate candidates

2020/02/24 7:07:23 PM UTC

jinako and karna go to couples therapy

2020/02/24 7:02:10 PM UTC


nah dw about it <3 it's not like it has any benefits to dming here anyways




:blobcatsnuggle: here! :blobcatpat2: :blobcatlove: :blobcatkissheart: :comfysnug1: :comfysnug2:

2020/02/24 6:59:46 PM UTC

today kazuma rediscovered that sentience is a curse and that we are already dead and kaczynski was right

2020/02/24 5:19:22 PM UTC

guess who's freaking out

it's not me

actually don't guess

today will probably not be great

2020/02/24 5:17:59 PM UTC


give him your credit card so he can get his nails done anon