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idk like transmisogyny is kinda my one strike you're out decision because there's enough awareness and discussion out there in the global sphere that it's nothing but intentional

you can give me the best dish but if you throw a piece of dog shit in it its ruined

im looking at p4g mods and there's some good shit like yosuke, kanji, and naoto mods and a mod that turns shopkeepers into billy mays

now to decide if i want to give atlus any of my money someday

the answer is a huge no

god im so sleepy

big fat boy titties swinging when he nuts up in you *chefs kiss*

so, nintendo ds games have wifi drivers built into the games. unfortunately the ds only supported wep so that's what all the games came with. I wonder how easy it would be to implement wpa2 so you could play on custom servers with a 3ds? hoping at least 1 person on the fediverse knows something about this

i thought i was depressed and low energy as a teenager, but jesus it's getting bad

my mom thinks im clinically depressed lol

i really need to fuck around with pyqt more but like im so tired

depression is actual shit

tfw no big strong friend to pick you up and cuddle you like a cat

The Virgin Liberal Environmentalist vs. The Chad Bookchinite

vegans cant date trans men cause we've got a whole seafood buffet in our pants

mastodon was a mistake

@georgia yeah that .5..... abunhdcry

@georgia legit jealous

@seanking Twitter wants to hide the fact that memphis exists

p2p mastodon but it's just a docker image with tor and mastodon that takes 6 gigabytes of ram

australians breed feral children much to their chagrin

Teacher directed violence (TDV) is a significant issue in Australian schools. This academic paper ( ) explains that in western Australia in 2017, there were 8700 suspensions due to TDV in 2017. TDV can include harassment and bullying, theft as well as assault. In the same paper, 10% of Australian teachers experience physical assaults by students. ABS says that there were almost 300,000 FTE teachers in Australia in 2020. That means that there are 30,000 assaults on teachers.

This is what teachers cope with in their careers.

When children are kept home from school, their violence and lack of control is turned not on their teachers but on their parents.

It's sad that parents are being assaulted by their children but given the widespread violence experienced by teachers in Australian classrooms, this article from the age is not surprising.


i love australian drama because it sounds like bots trained on american data

i want australian politics, i dont wanna hear about american and trans drama