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Well, I started ARK Invest at the age of fifty-seven, so it was quite late in my career. I believe my career is starting all over again, though. I decided to name my company after the Ark of the Covenant, because as I was going through that very difficult period starting in ‘06, where the market, nothing made sense to me, I started reading the One-Year Bible, after I would read the passage for the day, I would then just open it up randomly and say, “God, speak to me. Just show me what to do. Show me Your will. Show me Your way.”

And not every time I did that, but I would say every third or fourth time, I would run into the Ark of the Covenant being taken into the Israelites, taking the Ark of the Covenant into battle before them, because they believed that the presence of God was in the Ark of the Covenant. As I began to get this idea of a firm going and realized that I was fighting this war, I knew I had to name my company “ARK” for Ark of the Covenant.

I founded the company out of faith. I got this calling one day when I walked into my home. It was a beautiful summer day. I walked in to complete silence, which was very unusual in my household at that time. The children were all gone to Christian camps and other activities. And so I was all alone for the first time ever in my house, all alone for two full weeks. And I walked over to the kitchen island and I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t sad. I was just, Wow, this has never happened to me before.

As soon as I said that to myself, I felt a wham and I really feel like that was the Holy Spirit just saying to me, “Okay, this is the plan.” And the idea was basically, “Look, you’ve been a student of disruptive innovation your entire career. Why don’t you disrupt your own industry? It’s broken. Why do you disrupt it with some of these new technologies? Why don’t you harness social media? Why don’t you invite people in—even your competitors—to brainstorm about these new ideas, to help spread the word?” And so I did that, and it’s been amazing. It’s so much better than anything that I could have possibly imagined.

I funded it for the first three years all by myself. And for the first three years, our assets didn’t grow that much. And I thought, Oh my goodness, what have I done? Every two weeks there was an exit of a significant amount of my wealth into the company. And I would kneel down and say, “Okay, God, You’re in control. Even if this company fails, I know I’ve done the right thing. This is a walk of faith for me. Your will be done.”

What we were really doing was encouraging the new creation, God’s new creation. We were allocating capital to its highest and best use: transformative technologies that were going to change the world and make it a better place, while the rest of the world started investing in the past, which they thought was safe. Today, the tables are flipped, so we feel like we’ve done the right thing. It is by God’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, I will tell you, that I moved in this direction.

God’s standard of success for me in the financial world, and in my life generally, is following His will. And I believe that in starting ARK Invest, I was fulfilling His will for me here on Earth and that if I had not done it, that I would have died an unhappy woman not having not fulfilled my promise here. And so it’s not so much about me and my promise. It’s about allocating capital to God’s creation in the most innovative and creative way possible.

too tired to do anything, too wired to sleep

life is hell

@Paradox pip install japana gives a bunch of dependency shit like everything else

free software was a mistake

i think i saw a recent pull request so i'll grab that and see if it works properly but i dont have hope

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god i've wasted so much time on this bullshit that wont install

words ending in 'ize' feel german and i don't like it

Body shitpost

Kegels, but for balls.

i'm fucking bored

finished killing stalking, that sure was a quick read

pretty alright? i always like yaoi series with a long action or horror plot

i think the author's message was ultimately "the world is cruel"

i was kind of annoyed being left with a "we'll be back next week" message and there not being a next chapter, but what can you do

Greg (a cute kitty) heard you've had a rough week, so he got you some choccy milk :)

i like how when someone responds to black lives matter that "all lives matter" they basically admit they don't see black people as human beings

@mythebe @anonny125 So often I see people who claim to be super progressive and leftist and tolerant with a "live and let live" attitude, but then they right out say they want MAPs to be horribly tortured and killed.

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Is a safe space for people?

The developer of closed his accounts on because he was harassed by people who resented him for not including a block of Gab'n co on his app..
Gab is now out of Fedi, this happened thanks to admins maintaining proper instance block, not because of apps.
Remember that harassment is a major offense, no matter who's harassed. It is destructive. If you feel some behaviors are problematic, block, report, do not harass!

Linux: exists
Linux users:

Hey yeet new story thing. ^O^

literal clown logic

"It is merely an illusion that #chickenpox is contagious, not all will get it who are exposed. Some in the tribe will get sympathetic resonance because they were already primed to remove the acidic protein wastes through their skin (from poor feeding, from self or even though the mother when in utero). Not everyone gets this expression either. The acidic waste is of such a low pH, it literally burns the skin, creating a water blister.

It is a one or two time clear out as a growth process which has a trigger, sometimes it is suppressed in those deeply poisoned, like from those vaccinated and the trigger mechanism goes off way later (this happened to me when I was 17 as the MMR did great damage to my natural processes).

Most people believe they will get sick if someone else is sick, again because of sympathetic resonance. If you stop believing in contagion and then test yourself by hanging around someone ill, you will not get it. I have tested this myself. Once my beliefs changed, I stopped "catching" things.

Now, if you are locked into a room with no airflow with many sick people who are expressing their toxic matter, and you also are weakened by lack of proper nutrition, a clogged liver, a damaged energy field, over time you can absorb their wastes which will trigger a similar expression in yourself, a simple response to being poisoned (just as the famous nurse Florence Nightengale noticed and described). You did not CATCH it from a random bug floating through the air, this is complete myth and superstition, you earned it by gaining toxic credits into your body, which has important processes to remove the unwanted wastes.

The germ theory is completely false and we need to ascend our thinking away from myth, illusion & scientism, which is the religion of science and not actual science. The actual science proves no contagion and no germ causing any disease: the germ is the result of a diseased body and is there to serve the body to remove dead, dying or damaged tissue, to repair DNA and to push the wastes out.

Everything is energy and vibration. We have to remove ourselves from the illusion of physical matter and understand that we ARE made of microbes, every space, every surface is coated in microbes that will do no harm. The real harm is when we kill them off. It is a ticking time bomb the sleeping humans are creating by trying to kill everything in sight. This will create superbugs and imbalances to our bodies that will lead to disease and death. This will weaken the next generation that needs to learn as babies the microbial milieu of their environment in order to identify self vs non-self and to seed the entire body with healthy flora. The irony of what people are doing to themselves and their own lineage is palpable.

This is a call to accept and love yourselves, can we overcome self-hate enough to rise above the illusions? Or do we wish to destroy ourselves? Only time will tell." - Amandha Vollmer

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trans and austistic solidarity of just wanting to be treated normal and not have eugenics programs against us