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i love you and hope you have a nice day :blobcathearttrans:

We also observe that the production of inappropriate contents is unevenly distributed across the bad content producers. This result confirms the presence of super producers of inappropriate contents.

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2020/03/14 4:13:32 AM UTC

i cant even talk to my friend im that fucking pissed off

2020/03/14 4:11:39 AM UTC

i want my own place i'm so fucking tired of being here

2020/03/14 3:54:32 AM UTC

donate to me before my birthday ends

2020/03/14 1:45:01 AM UTC

hmmm i wonder if there's a script to delete all your posts?

2020/03/14 1:41:49 AM UTC

there was this sweet old dr that felt guilty about not doing more to educate people about dead coral back in the 80's and 90's and it's like man, everyone's hearts are so hard nowadays and they'd rather yell about not being able to use slurs anymore and women using restrooms

humanity is an invasive species and deserves to be eradicated for the good of all the rest

2020/03/14 12:19:49 AM UTC

also i guess i missed my birthday technically since all my messages are unlocked

2020/03/14 12:18:09 AM UTC


neither of you are romantic

be romantic to me dammit
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2020/03/14 12:08:08 AM UTC

i got to play whatever movie i wanted so i turned on climate change propaganda in case my roommate doesn't believe in it because i don't care about movies

2020/03/14 12:06:20 AM UTC


:blobcatmeltcry: :blobcatsnuggle: thank you so much :comfysnug1::comfysnug2: :comfyheart:

2020/03/13 11:01:41 PM UTC


ah okay, that sucks, thank you though :blobcatsnuggle:

i hate having a presence, it creeps me out :blobcatnotlikethis:

2020/03/13 10:33:11 PM UTC

hey @mewmew, do you know if account deletions work properly yet?

2020/03/13 10:20:20 PM UTC

does pleroma still time out on 2k statuses?

2020/03/13 10:08:04 PM UTC

actually i wonder if i can actually delete my account now properly

2020/03/13 10:05:14 PM UTC



if you dropped my account you could probably drop another 25gb too