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just another random lurking kid. also a light theme and a colemak user.
byłem raz w telewizji trwam

>What if JS over gemini:// would only be able to render some things and would not have network access?

oh god, here we go blobfoxlul

I have said it before but it is worth repeating: I find the Fediverse is filled with people with excellent self-taught computer skills, that would be an asset to any company, that are trapped in menial work. This is a major failing of our system.

@foxhkron auto-correct is 75% of my english skills

The Tag feature is ready.

It will be shipping tomorrow! 🥳

Are the "do _ and tag 7 of your friends" a kind of a hellthread?

Life be like

@isi I hate the internet

enabling swap is legit version of downloading more ram

Ssssshhh... don't tell @absturztaube about this, but... I developed the most advanced headpatting technology on the fediverse!
2020-06-30 01-53-55-[00.00.000-…


how does the YouTube homepage even devour 200MB of RAM
JS developers are not human

Website admins be like

Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

Console view of a page showing loads of trackers being blocked and a console log message saying “We are trying to make faster. Think you can help? Send your ideas to: bounty AT cnnlabs DOT com.” An email from me to with the text “Stop using so many trackers.”

okay this is funny as shit

> see screenshot of post by company on twitter
> statement is in an image
> Why did they do that?
> remember twitter has even smaller hardcoded limits than Mastodon
Ah yes, companies against accessibility and sanity.

if god wanted us to have circular profile icons they would've made pngs circular