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a very bad person

me: do you have more or less teeth than the average person, would you say?

gaben: Les. gaben: Less. (argh, spelling)

Origins of the youtube-dl Project:

This also doubles as a good overview of Internet history.

celgladeline in a nutshell

github's how-to on shit design: tons of screen space to lay out a button, but they still hide the two most needed buttons

waking up in 2020 be like


it's not irl, i'm just


rtx on.

terry davis's famous realistic elephant from templeos. it is made with interpolation and looks crusty as fuck.

The dinosaur from the Firefox connection error screen. It is sad because its arms are too short to insert a plug into a socket on on an extension cable. A slightly edited version of the the previous image. The dinosaur now has arms that are long enough to connect the cables.

how it feels using the fedi

nah, it worked

irc is temporary
lurking is forever