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a very bad person

@sdebkowski Z tego co pamiętam to była opcja że mogłeś kopać btc i z przeoczenia pewnych rzeczy skrypt się pobierał (nie pamiętam czy się uruchamiał tho) nawet dla osób niezalogowanych, np. przy przeglądaniu postów użytkowników.

Ale to, tam wszystko jest możliwe.

Testing build update:

  • Animated emoji! Only GIF, more image formats support coming.

  • Fix freeze on posts with many custom emojis

  • Refactor hiding muted users and statuses


Are you from:

reposting classic because i saw it in my archive again

timeee to do somethinggggg

Calling out people for yet another public testing!

The today’s main feature are Pleroma Chats, of course. Sorry it took me a while, mainly because Husky codebase wasn’t really ready for it and most things were written from scratch.

Another changes include:

  • Background service that keeps connection to your instance, so you’ll get your notification with minimal latency. It can be disabled in the settings.
  • Now uploaded filenames are kept unchanged by default. It’s also possible to revert this back in the settings.
  • “Reply to” is moved from status menu to status itself. Thanks for the patch, again. :)

However, this is not a final product and many things are subject to change. And that’s why I want YOUR feedback. If you want to report something, I recommend visiting

Download link:

P. S. Eh… yeah… development builds are available at GitHub again. I have some security concerns before setting my own CI, moreover, there is a lot of “free as a beer” services that integrated with GitHub, so I’ve decided to give something to you right now and then work on these issues at comfortable pace.

Thank you all for your support.

@duponin @a1batross nah, it just opens the parent post

yes weekend